Marrying on a college budget.. Advice?

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My fiance and I (like the title states) are both college students and thus on an extremely tight budget. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or advice on how to make this work. We are shooting for June 1st. I am already handmaking what stuff I can (like the basket for the flower girls and pillow for the ring bearer) but I could really use some advice on other things that are not so easy to come by. For one thing - I have NO idea who will marry us. I want it to be an ordained minister rather than a clerk or justice of the peace but a lot of ministers wont do it because we are of different beliefs. Ive thought about asking a friend if they might want to become ordained and do it but I don't really know anyone who would want to. Any ideas? Also the location is a big hurdle for us. I would like to have it somewhere where we can have the ceremony and reception in the same place and have a pitch-in type reception. We plan on probably having just a one-night-getaway at a hotel for our honeymoon for now. I just dont know where would be cheap and where would allow that. He suggested the little park by his house but I don't know how or if a place like that can even be reserved. (We live in central Indiana in case anyone needs to know or has a suggestion for that area) Thanks for your help in advance all! 

Re: Marrying on a college budget.. Advice?

  • Hallo, these were a couple ministers suggested to my by Valle vista 1.) Charlie Cash - Cel phone 317-694-7076: email: cccash464 2.) Howdy Bell Cel# 317-313-3366 - Email [email protected] My fiancé and I are of different beliefs as well ^_^; As far as a cheap locale where you can do a pitch in is.... Well there only been a few places I've found that will allow you to beig your own food/caterer, but most of them were asking 8k+ for the venue. Eww. And idea is to rent a tent down at the canal
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  • Sry Internet bugged out on my phone and I couldn't type anymore, The rental prices aren't bad at all :] compared to indoor venues. I wanted to do this however I'm too scared of potential rain to come. Only thing with this is that I'm not sure where everyone will park
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  • Not sure how it would go over having a pitch in for a reception. You might want to think about having your wedding around 2 and in that way, you could do a cake and punch reception which will be a huge savings.
    Most churches have reception halls so you might want to think about trying that out. We got married in my church and had the reception there as well to keep the costs down. However we were fortunate in having friends that prepared the dinner for us. We just paid for the food. As for keeping costs down, think about what is important to you and go with experts for those but for everything else, DIY projects. As for another location possiblity, I was in Brownsburg for a symposium and found out they do weddings/receptions in the Crowne Room at the Strong Building. It is a nice place to have a reception. Another place you could try is in Greenfield called Heartland Resort. It isn't fancy but has two banquet halls for $600 and $700:
     As for an officiant, check out Katherine use to be an associate pastor for our church. Or you can try
     Hope that helps.

  • Have you thought about getting married at a park?  You can rent out a facility and bring in your own food.  I had a friend that had a D-I-Y wedding at Eagle Creek and it was beautiful.  This link is to the Indy Parks rental pricing sheet.

    I hope this helps.
  • You can totally reserve parts of parks. The parks and rec department has a website with more info. My friend Karen reserved a gorgeoous area at that big park in Anderson for pretty cheap, and I reserved a pavillion at a park in Muncie for my grad party for like $35. A lot of the parks have rules about bringing in alcohol or loud parties, but if you're just having a small ceremony and cake/punch reception or picnic-type reception, you could pull off something lovely. 

    This is going to sound kind of anti-knot, but keep in mind - you don't need something huge and fancy to get married. All the extras are nice, but at the end of the day, the goal is to become a wife. You can do that for the cost of a marriage license and maybe a little more for an officiant /rings/whatever. 
  • I would say ordain a friend if you can. Also look on the requirement in your area's website; they might have other persons who can serve as the role. When we were thinking about this, we thought of one of his mentors or my uncle. 

    Second, I would also hold the reception and ceremony in the same place. Does someone you know have a great home-- maybe have it there. Or look into your school; they might give you a discount. Look into city park locations, which could be really nice. Maybe have a morning wedding (food cheaper, no alcohol) or have an appetizer reception with cake and punch only. Have a family member our friend make the cake. Or even cupcakes!

    Lastly, a stay-cation sounds great for a honeymoon. I would also check into Groupon deals on some hotel stays. 
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  • The Inn at Forest Park in Noblesville is supposed to be very reasonable.  I'm not sure if they let you do a pitch-in type of meal or not but the building has been remodelled and is supposed to be really nice.

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    Forest Park has two beautiful buildings that are really reasonable and overlook the golf course.  There is "The Lodge" and "The Inn" at Forest Park.  Both have a kitchen and it doesn't sound like you have to use any certain caterer unless you plan on serving alcohol.  I'm sure you could work out the "resident" issue for cheaper rates (email me at [email protected]).  Probably the best view and the best pricing around.  If you look at the deck it would make a lovely ceremony site at "The Lodge", depending on how big your wedding is going to be.  Here is the link:

    Go to "City Services", then "parks and recreation", then "The Lodge" or "The Inn at Forest Park"

    a thought....

  • Sorry more ideas for you.  You can place an ad on the "wanted" section of Craigs List if you need items for your wedding/reception, or keep your eyes out on the Arts/Crafts section for used wedding items on sale.  Another website to join is  You can watch for wedding items that brides decide to donate, or you can also posted a "wanted" ad and explain your story.  You may be surprised what people have to donate to your cause.  Hope everything works out, again I would really recommend the Forest Park Inn,, then under "city services", "parks and recreation".  I think The Lodge's deck would be gorgeous for a ceremony.
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