Sedona wedding officiant?

We are trying to decide whether to use a pastor from Phoenix that use to be at my old church, or to use someone in Sedona - where our wedding will be held. I moved back to Phoenix about a year ago with my fiance (he had never lived here), and we  have no real ties to any church.....except the one I used to attend. That pastor has since left that particular church. So I'm not sure whether to use that person, or just get someone in Sedona to do it. The idea of using a totally random person that I don't know in Sedona to officiate feels a little weird to me, but overall, I feel it might be easier to use someone who lives there. Any ideas or recommendations?

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    If you know someone in Phoenix you feel comfortable with, I would definitely use them. My fiance and I met with 3 or 4 officiants in Sedona before we found someone we felt comfortable with. Honestly, what we thought would be easy ended up being the most frustrating part of our planning. 
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    Thank you for your response! That is something I'm worried about....I definitely don't want this to become a hassle and us make it harder than it has to be. Just out of curiosity, may I ask who you ended up using?
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    I looked for so many officiants in Sedona and ended up using someone in Phoenix. He was reasonable and was willing to go to Sedona for a moderate price. His name is Pastor John from Arizona Wedding Pastors. He was amazing, couldnt have asked for a better Pastor : )
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    We are using Shanandoah Sterling from Sedona. We met with her and she was very nice, very organized, and was interested in knowing our story and being involved, which I really liked.

    We also met with Anthony Flesch. He was very nice and has a great accent, but we just weren't impressed with him the way we were with Shanandoah.
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    We plan using Andrew Murphy. He was a little less "new-agey" than they others we met with. We liked him and his reviews were solid. However, it bugs me that he doesn't respond very quickly and isn't very organized. My fiance keeps reassuring me that everything will be fine.
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    We used Rev. Ken from Sedona. He was great! We had a meeting a few weeks before and went over everything with him. Also he can give you a bunch of ideas, we ended up customizing our own ceremony to exactly what we wanted and it was perfect! very professional and personal. He also gave us a decorated copy of the vows. here is his website:
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