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Lovely Board :)

Hi I just recently started using the boards :) Seems like after reading a few other posts that I might be a little more welcome over this way. I didn't even realize they had these month/year boards, super excited I found it though! Anyone else getting married on 11/24?
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Re: Lovely Board :)

  • Welcome!  I felt the same way when I first discovered this board!  This is really the only board I use now.  I'll browse the others, but this is the only one I post in.
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  • Yeah I just started posting, but I think I like the idea of talking to others who can relate to the time between now and the big day. Its kinda of like being in a classroom compared to a cafeteria :P
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  • yay! welcome! Love this board!
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  • This board is much nicer than a lot of the other boards. Like lls31 said, I browse other boards but I usually only post here. Welcome and congrats!

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  • Welcome!  And congrats on your wedding date!
  • Yeah, I like this board too, no one cares where you are from or what your doing, they will help and give opinions in a way that doesn't make it seem like it's not good enough! Welcome and congrats on the wedding!
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