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July 2011 Weddings

Ladies using Green

Those of you with green bridesmaid dresses, what color flowers are you having your girls carry? Or if you had green bridesmaid dresses, what color would you ahve them carry? I'm thinking of having my girls carry white, and then have me carry a bright colored bouquet for the "pop" and contrast factor :)
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Re: Ladies using Green

  • I'm doing green bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen are probably going to wear pewter vests/ties with black tux... we decided on white roses for everyone (even me).   I have a very simple taste in real life too, so it makes sense for us. 
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  • my girls are wearing kelly green and each one is carrying a diff color of gerbera daisies, and mine will be very colorful and have atleast one of each color they are carrying :)
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    I am having them hold pale yellow and white flowers.
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  • While we're having green in our wedding, my girls are wearing black dresses with green and white flowers, while I have a fushia and green bouquet.

    However for awhile, I was contemplating the girls wear green, and I thought white flowers with some black would look good (I especially like the white flowers with prominent black centres)

    The one above has blackberry sprigs in it, which I thought was super cute!

    But I do think you should have a colorful bouquet :)  May be biased, because I'm doing that, but I think the color contrast is nice!
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  • My girls will be wearing clover green and having pink, orange, and yellow flowers.  I love color so no one is having white flowers really besides some of the corsages and bouts.  But that's because I don't want the flowers to look bad with what they are wearing.  And right now no one has their outfit picked out, so white for now, may change once closer.
  • My girls aren't, but the guys are!  pale yellow bout for the groom, white/ivory roses for the guys!.  My girls will be in Marine Blue, carrying Ivory gerberas and pale yellow roses.  Lemon/Lily grass loops and ribbon to pop that green!
  • I have green bridesmaids and they are carrying orange flowers with a little bit of yellow.
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  • I am having a greenish color for my dresses, and we are having pink flowers.
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  • My Colors are Green, Black, and White.  Originally I was having green dresses, so I was going to do white flowers with black ribbon.  But I have since changed to blackdresses with green hydrangea and white peonie bouquets with green ribbon.
  • My bridesmaid dresses are shamrock green which is basically kelly green. My aunt who is my florist suggested yellow or orange flowers particularly for pictures. We haven't decided on the particular flowers but sunflowers are my favorite and I also love gerbera daisies. So I will probably go with yellow.
  • My bridesmaid's dresses are green and white patterned. I will have each of them with a solid gerbera daisy bouquet (red, orange, and yellow). My bouquet will have all of the color gerbs (red, orange, and yellow) with a green hydrangea in the background. Good Luck!
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