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March 2011 Weddings

Venue Change? Oh wow....

Hello ladies, I'm a March 26th bride with a slight problem. Alright so, my parents wanted to pay for my whole wedding back in June when I got engaged. My fiance and I live with them trying to save money since he's the only one who works, I go to school full time. We gladly accepted but we still help out with money when we can. Well the location we picked, with their approval, we put down the deposit and we still owe around $3,000 including food. Well the economy hit them pretty bad and yesterday my parents found out they're losing their house and I told them to please tell me the truth about having enough for the wedding and my mom told me honestly she doesn't know how she's going to pay for it. I'm not mad, nor upset at them it's just stressful to change the venue when I already sent out invites....I told them I don't want them to take out a loan for that place or to stress about it. So now with a little less then 3 months to go I have to swich my venue. Thank God mostly everything else is already done and paid for.

So my question for you ladies is, how do I handle the invitation situation? Do I send out notices about the location switch or do I send out completely new invitations? Or should we just go get eloped? Just kidding....kind of.

Re: Venue Change? Oh wow....

  • hmmm...I don't like to recommend this but would you guys (you and FI) feel comfortable taking out a personal loan?

    How long ago did you send out the invites and how many people are invited? If it is alot of people, I would send out new invites but if it is..say under 100; perhaps a phone call or a notice would suffice, IMO.
  • Do Not take out a loan for this! I'm sorry Mattycam but that is awful advice, in this economy and with only one of them is working right now,why would they want to start their new life together in debt?

    I would suggest a simple postcard notifying the guests of the change, or maybe a letter with a new RSVP card so that you know which guests are aware of the change when they send the new card back? And anyone who RSVP'd with the old card you could simply call them and let them know of the change?
  • I agree with a postcard/note explaining that due to unforseen circumstances that the wedding has changed/been cancelled or what not.  Perhaps elope and just have a simple, casual reception afterward and invite people to that instead or...?  Otherwise is it possible for you or FI to get a part time job temporarily just to pay for the wedding?  I have a friend who was a mom, worked full time and took on an additional PT job so she could pay for her wedding.  I know it's not ideal but it's doable if you have your heart set on a wedding.
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  • I agree that they should not take out a loan. I did not mention in my previous post but that suggestion was made in the event that they are not successful in finding another venue and they decide to stay where they are.

    However, Hannelee please use that recommendation as an absolute last resort as I am sure (as listed in my previous post) that an updated invite or notice would suffice.
  • You can order really cute postcards or really cheap at vistaprint.com, I would do that, make it VERY clear that the venue location has changed and mail them ASAP.
    Plus you can tell everyone you know well and talk to regularly too, word will get around and so there will not be many surprises or confusion with they get the venue change announcements.

    do NOT take out a personal loan. With you trying to save money by staying with your parents that would be a bad idea.
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  • I agree with PPs that you should not take out a new loan at all.  That wouldn't be a great idea, especially with the economy the way it is today.

    I also agree with the PPs that sending out postcards or a note explaining the venue change is a great idea.  Immediate family you can actually inform them by word of mouth and really close friends also.

    I hope this all works out for you, and I'm sorry to hear about everything your parents are going through.
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    If it is only 3k I would just take out a personal loan, you will get that money back and pay it right after the wedding anyways.

    Most people give money for a wedding, so you really would get it back. It would be a pain to change venues right now.
  • We just changed venues for our March 6th wedding but we did it a day before printing invites. But I thought through this as the process happened, as I wasn't sure we'd have a set venue when we printed invites. My plan was to wait until I got RSVPs and then message the change of venue in multiple ways-- a post card to everyone who was coming, a mass email, something bold on our wedding website, and a map of the new location given out at the rehersal dinner.

    It sucks to change this late in the game (believe me, I know!!) But it can be done.
  • In my area this would be impossible to switch every vendor and hope that the venue would be booked when everyone else is. 

    I still say take a loan out, its not that much money.  I could see if it was like 15k the parents did not have, but it is 3k, you WILL get that money back.
  • Oh and won't you loose the money that you gave to the current venue?! 
  • I actually did a spreadsheet last night on what it would cost to switch venues.  We are doing a backyard wedding and I realized with us having to rent everything and whatnot, it might be cheaper to just do it in a hall.  It would have been about the same (with significantly less hassle)  it we didn't have to give up our caterer deposit and have reception cards printed that matched our invitations.

    I would really think about this.  Is the 3K you have to come up with going to be less than losing your vendor deposits, and switching places?  Is the new place you're looking at all inclusive, or are there hidden costs?   

    Anyway, to answer your question, like the PPs said, just send out a card ASAP announcing the change.  Just make sure this a decision that is well thought out and not made in a reactive way.  
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