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March 2010 Weddings

Something old, new, borrowed, blue

I was going to post this on the customs and traditions board but since we are all so close to our weddings I suspect many of us are probably thinking about this.  Are most of you ladies going to adhere to this tradition?  For the ladies sticking with this tradition, what are you using for something old and borrowed?  Anybody wearing a sixpence in their shoe (seems uncomfortable)?
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Re: Something old, new, borrowed, blue

  • I'm not.  It's not like my marriage is going to be doomed just because I don't have something blue on.
  • My grandmother is making my garter using lace from my moms veil, so that is something old, she is also going to add a blue ribbon, so that is soemthing blue, and borrowed- I'm not sure yet! I might borrow earings from a family member
  • My earrings are new, necklace is old, my shoes are blue, and I'm borrowing a bracelet from my grandma.  I'm not sure about the sixpence.  I originally planned on it, but my shoes are more strappy and I don't really want to tape a penny anywhere on me.
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  • FI caught the blue garter at my brother's wedding.  I'm going to have FI toss that one, so I think it counts as old and blue and sort of borrowed except i'm not giving it back to its original owner but to its next one?
  • Something old: Necklace FI gave me ages ago.
    Something new: My dress.
    Something borrowed: My MOH is giving me a blue clutch to use for the day.
    Something blue: Garter has blue on it, & borrowed clutch is blue.

    Also, FI's mom is English and she gave me a real sixpence. I'm taping it to the inside of my shoe. I can't believe she actually had one, so I am definitely using it!
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  • Old: necklace
    New: dress and shoes
    Borrowed: earrings, although I haven't decided which ones/from whom yet
    Blue: underwear
  • Old/ borrowed: A diamond ring (family heirloom) that is currentlly in my mom's posession

    Blue: panties

    New: pretty much everything else I am wearing- dress, jewelry, shoes
  • Old: My grandmothers handkercheif she held in her bouquet when she got married, my mom also carried it on her wedding day as well.

    New: My dress, necklace, earrings and shoes.

    Borrowed: My mom's pearl ring, that she wants to pass on to me.

    Blue: My garter has a blue bow on it.

    Not doing the sixpence, I have open toe shoes that only have a strap by the toes and a strap around the ankle, so I think that would be pretty uncomfortable.
  • Old & Borrowed:  I'm using the rosary that my great grand mother gave my mom for her first communion, I'm going to wrap it around my bouquet. 

    Blue: I put our intials and wedding date in blue rhinestones under the arch of my shoes and I have a piece of blue sea glass from Hawaii that will be in bouquet. 

    New: Everything else!

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  • Old:  I'm wearing my mom's veil, just having it put on a new comb.

    New:  My dress

    Borrowed:  A charm from both my FI's grandma and my grandma

    Blue:  I'm going to tie the charms to my bouquet using blue ribbon.  I've also got a 2nd pair of blue shoes for those super fun pictures. 
  • Something old - my bridesmaid's gave me a diamond tennis bracelet from an estate sale

    Something borrowed - vintage diamond jewelry that is my mother's

    something new - the dress/shoes/veil

    something blue - probably underwear!
  • Is it weird that for something old I was thinking about how funny it'd be to use your old underwear for that?  :P  Sorry, just had to write it...

    Something old: a penny our florist gave me for my shoe
    Something borrowed: my sister's wedding jewelry
    Something blue: getting a white clutch with blue lining
    Something new: my dress and entire wedding ensemble pretty much
  • I'm doing it! I'm not superstitous but I think it'll be fun to do it anyway. It's a cute tradition.

    Old: My pearl earrings I got for my birthday.
    New: Dress!
    Borrowed: I'm borrowing a pearl necklace from FI's grandma.
    Blue: My garter is blue.

    I'm not doing the sixpence in my shoe unless I find on between now and then! 
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  • old: i dont know yet??

    new: my earrings

    borrowed: my bracelet im borrowing from a friend

    blue: my garter is blue!
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  • Old: Something of my mom's.  She passed away 10 years ago and I want something of hers to feel like she's still with me.  I'm really hoping that my dad will give me her wedding ring to wear.  If not, I'll wear another one of her rings that I've been given already.

    New: Dress, shoes, etc

    Borrowed: I was going to borrow a shawl, but the color looks a little too funny to me now that my dress has arrived.  I think the in-store model was a slightly different color.  I'm going to ask the same person for something to borrow.

    Blue: Having my toes painted sparkle blue (my shoes are closed-toe, so no one will see them) - OPI just came out with a sample pack with colors from the new Alice in Wonderland and I liked the red for Valentine's.
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  • I wasn't sure if I was going to do this (I'm not particularly superstitious) but all these responses have been inspiring.  Thanks, ladies!  I already had something new (dress, accessories) and blue (garter) but couldn't think of something old and borrowed.  I guess I could say the diamond bracelet FI gave me a few years ago as something old, so now I just need something borrowed.  I guess I'll talk to my mom or grandmother or one of my married friends to see if they have anything I can borrow.
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  • Something old - My Great-Grandmother's Rosary that I am attaching to my bouquet
    Something borrowed - My Grandmother's pearl necklace
    Something new - The dress/shoes/veil/headband
    Something blue - Probably underwear or I like the clutch idea!
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  • Old: Not sure yet, but my mom told me she has something for me that's old and it isn't something you wear. She's going to give it to me the morning of the wedding...and you can imagine how the wheels in my head have been turning! What could it be?!
    New: Um, everything, just about. Dress, shoes, veil, etc.
    Borrowed: Wrapping a bit of my mom's veil around the bouquet--her idea, and I took it and ran :)
    Blue: This one might be my favorite. March's birthstone is aquamarine, which is oh-so-subtly blue (it's really pale). And not only am I getting married in March, but my birthday is actually in March too, so it's my for-real birthstone! I already have an aquamarine necklace and my parents are getting my earrings for me as an early birthday gift.

    Sixpence: Actually never knew about this tradition till I got engaged, so I haven't thought about it that much...perhaps a penny will make an appearance in my shoe (though a real sixpence would be much cooler).
  • I'm actually really looking forward to this tradition!

    Old: My dress. It's vintage from the 50's.
    New: My jewelry; farm-raised pearl necklace and earrings.
    Borrowed: I'm letting my MOH, mom and grandmother know that I will need to borrow something.
    Blue: My glasses. I found 1950's vintage frames.
  • Old:  A cameo from my maternal grandmother that was made into a pendant that I will be wearing and my paternal grandmother's wedding ring (I was in tears when she gave it to me)

    New:  dress, veil, bustier, shoes

    Borrowed:  bible and/or earrings from FI's great aunt

    Blue:  bouquet flowers, toenail polish and probably underwear

    Sixpence/penny:  Might use a penny from the year FI and I were born but not sure

  • Old-Brooch from my grandma that is going on my bouquet
    New- Dress/shoes
    Borrowed- bracelet from future step-mother-in-law
    Blue-underwear/garter :)
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