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Okay, this is this is totally random, but since we're all getting to know each other on one level or another, and some of us may have pets who are very important to us, I thought we could share some details about the lovable critters who inhabit our homes and make them even more home-y :)

1) "Big Kitty" / "BK"

We don't have a lot of pictures of BK, but he was the first of the animals in our house.  FI got him before we got back together/moved in together (his friend rescued him from a dumpster when he was tiny and gave him to Bill to care for), and Bill never really had cats before and always joked around that "cats don't deserve names" so his name was always just "Kitty" (until we got our 2nd cat and had to but the "Big" part on to differentiate them lol, but as it turned out that ended up being wrong since he's no longer the "Big" Kitty, just the older one).  He comes when he's called, loves to be petted (but not really held), and can be playful at times, but is very friendly and a good cat.  He even plays with LK from time to time, but doesn't like to be caught in the act.

2) Rocky, the Puggle (always mistaken for a black lab puppy)

Adoption day from the CT Humane Society in Newington - a belated birthday present for FI 11/16/08 - Rocky was 6 months old

After we adopted Rocky, our best friends (1 shown above the Best Man) had to get a dog (FI and Best Man never do anything that the other doesn't eventually do) too and they got a puggle, but the other side of the spectrum. Their dog, Jax, and Rocky are BFF and love to play until they tire each other out.  We love the contrast of our dogs.

So that's Rocky, our puggle (half beagle, half pug for anyone not aware of what a puggle is - Rocky is mostly beagle and is the largest a puggle will ever get at 32 lbs, but gets the black coloring and his curled tail from his pug side).  Everyone mistakes him for a black lab puppy, even now that he's 2 1/2 years old and fully grown.  He loves his people (anyone that comes into the house is part of the group and he gets sad when they leave, but quickly gets over it) and he loves to play (sometimes if you are petting him he gets too excited and starts to try to gnaw your hand playfully).  He's a great dog, but a little mischevious at times, if there's anything you don't want him to get into, it's likely he will if it gets left around lol

3) "Little Kitty" / "LK"

One of the first days I had him...

A few months later, totally acclimated to domestication

He broke his leg at the beginning of last year in an accident (we tossed him off the kitchen counter a little too hard because he kept jumping up -being the fatty that he is, getting in the way of our food making process- and he landed wrong and fractured his leg - of course we took good care of him and he's good as new, but this was his "Peg Leg" phase for that 5 weeks lol)  They had to anesthesize him at first to get the splint on and off, but after 2 times of them realizing how good he is with people (never meows or hisses or scratches, always purrs) they didn't need the anesthesia anymore and just put it on him no problem <3

So this is my "Little Kitty" (LK).  He's the latest addition to our clan, hence his name, but he is no longer so "Little" (he's a total fatty now), so the discrepancy in the names is kind of funny to me.  We got him from a lady who rescues cats as a spare time hobby in her retirement (really sweet lady, but she herself even called herself the "crazy cat lady" lol) He's a total lovebug (probably weened too early), just loves to cuddle and will lick you and nibble your ear lobe or attack your hair.  He loves to attack the printer when it's going and if you are getting clean laundry out of the basket he pokes his paws through at you.  He and the dog play together a lot, but the dog gets too exuberant and the cat wants to run away but the dog chases after (playfully), so human intervention is necessary.

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Re: NWR: Furbabies

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    WEE this is so fun. Your pets are so cuute!!!!!

    This is Snarf. He's a himalayan cat and he brings me and FI so much joy!!! It was perfect timing when we got him. FI and I moved in together after Christmas of last year, and we picked him up that week. FI is NOT a cat person, so was very weary, but he got me Snarf as my Christmas gift and it's been happy trails every since.

    He loves to go inside boxes. My grandma bought us a toaster and he climed in.

    His bed:

    He is so lovable and friendly and follows you around just like a dog. I think that's why FI likes him- since he wanted a dog instead of a cat lol. We want to get more pets, but our condo assoc. doesn't allow it :(

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    Cute idea!!! We have a "peeka-poo" Pekignese and Poodle mix, she is about 3 years old, her name is "Picabo" (pronounced Peeka Boo -- FI had her before we re-met and he named her after the Olympist Picabo Street)...

    We still call her "the puppy" and we have a billion nicknames including Pica-noodle, Pica-puff, Pica-neek, Fluffface, etc.... FI loves to get her groomed with a mohawk and she is like the tough girl/cool girl... my favorite thing about her is when she follows me around the apartment like a little girl would follow their mommy. She makes us happy every day! She also enjoys going to "Grandma's" FI mom's house where she truly un-learns everything we have trained her to do lol. She has clothes but she hates wearing them still she looks so cute in her Giants jersey! And now, pics...

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    Here's Kitty.  She's my step-cat that I adopted when FI moved in together.  I've always been a dog person, but she's grown on me.  Obviously, FI isn't very original with names, but I don't tease him too hard, he adopted her when he was 12!  Yes, she's very old, about 16 years, but you can't tell.

    This isn't a great quality picture, but this is one of her favorite poses, on her back on the floor watching TV.
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    Awww I like this thread! We have a 5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier named Rocket. He's a retired show dog who lived in Mexico. We just adopted him from the Newington Humane Society 3 weeks ago... we're already head over heels in love with the pup.

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    aww great idea. I love animals. and looking at the siggys that include animals here are our furbabies.


    I got him as a 20th bday present from DH he's 3 1/2 now.

    This is Chooch. who is actually his half brother....same mom assuming a different dad since we never knew who knocked up the momma cat.

    so tiny. he was smaller then a WII remote but hes 2 1/2 now...

    there the cutest brothers ever...well until we have human babies lol.
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    Here's my Trixie!!

    I've had her for about 10 years now, she is the spawn of satan, but she's my baby girl and I love her.

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    awww yay!!!

    we literally just picked up our baby girl this afternoon! we rescued her and she was transported from south carolina.

    Her name is Pepper, and she is a 6 month old whippet mix. she is the sweetest dog ive ever met, and i can tell she's already attached to DH and i. i'll post pictures once shes done taking a nap on my stomach :-)
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    This is our baby Remy. We adopted her this summer from a shelter when she was only 8 weeks old. She's now almost 6 months. We think she's a boxer/pointer mix but not sure. She likes car rides and snuggling :)

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    I love these threads :) Well Niko is our 14 month old flashy fawn boxer. He is awesome I love him! FI got him for me shortly after we bought our house last year about a month before we got engaged. He was like 20 pounds when we got him now he is 63! He is so tall and has a lot of filling out to do right now he is all muscle so waiting for him to gain some weight boxers usually fill out up until 2 years old. He is so energetic and loveable but a great guard dog too.
    Anyway here are a few pics :)

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    Kate that last pic is hilarious!!
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    Omg! I love this post! Our pets are seriously the only children we'll ever have, so we treat them as such.

    1) Kayla: She is my pride and joy. I've had her the longest of any of my current animals, so we have a special bond. She just turned 13 this year. She was born in my house when I was 12! She is my smallest kitty, and therefore that makes her alpha cat. The others know she's boss.

    2) Pumpkin: This is FI's childhood kitty. He's turning 14 this month. When we moved in together, I took my kitty so he took his too.  He only stops purring when he sleeps. He only drinks out of running faucets.I love my big orange man.

    3) Paige: Paige was a kitten that fell into our lap shortly after we moved in together. She is the most energetic cat I've ever had, and there is nothing she won't get into. She's also a major thief and we have to hide anything thats important or she will steal it. Whenever we move the couch, we find a graveyard of lost jewelry, chapsticks, pens, socks...anything she can carry away is game.

    At 8 wks:

    Now she's 2 yrs old. She likes to chase her tail while balancing on the bedposts. She also likes boxes, bags, and is in love with her Uncle Pumpkin.

    Every year our christmas tree gets knocked over because of this:

    4 & 5) Pip and Theodore: We also have 2 chinchillas. I rescued Pip in college. He was abandoned at the animal hospital I was working at during school, and if I didn't take him he was to be euthanized. Some stupid woman had bought him for her 2 monster children. They had ripped out most of his fur and he was covered in scabs. He was terrified of people for months. His hair grew back within a month or so, and now he's very lovable to most everyone. I got Theodore as a friend for Pip because he was crying during the night.

    Here's Pip w/ an ice cream cone chew:


    Here's Paige harassing the Chinch's:

    Those are my babies!! Love seeing everyone elses furkids!

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    This is our cat Aurora (Rory for short). We adopted her from the newington humane society in april of this year. She's about 8.5 months old now. Her whole littler was abandoned...poor little babies.

    This is her the day we adopted her...fell asleep on her paperwork after going crazy in the visiting room.

    This is her sleeping in a pyrex bowl i got for my bridal this was a few months ago. She's not going to be a big cat so this is prob the biggest she'll get. I love her dearly and even though DH says he doesnt like cats, he loves her a ton.

    We're looking to adopt her a friend soon, too :) i finally convinced DH lol

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