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What are your ideas about a luncheon wedding?

My fiance and I are getting married in the late morning, 11:30, and our wedding will be shorter with a lunch reception.  I have some ideas for attire and such but I would like to know your ideas or how others have done theirs.
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Re: What are your ideas about a luncheon wedding?

  • The only thing that's off the table for a luncheon is black-tie.  Otherwise, it can be as formal or informal as you choose.  Your venue and menu will probably be the biggest determining factors in formality, and everything else will follow suit.
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  • I actually had a luncheon reception at both of my weddings.  And it worked out very well both times.  If you have guests who aren't really into dancing, a luncheon gives them the opportunity to catch up with relatives they may not have seen for a while, in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • I love the idea. I very seriously considered it for myself, but decided the morning-of logistics were going to be too difficult for too many people I care about. I don't want my wedding to stress other people out!

    That said, except black tie, anything goes -- food, music, bar.
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  • My cousin just had a luncheon reception.

    They had the ceremony in our church, a receiving line in the hallway and then moved right into the Fellowship Hall (gymnasium) for the reception. They had some friends play for the band, and they had different tables of various heights set up. It was actually really pretty and bistro-like. Bar tables with bar chairs, regular round tables with chairs, and some chairs along the edges as well.

    The lunch was catered roast beef and gravy with buns (SO good) along with salads, punch, and dessert. They had a video and played a game or two along with a few speeches.

    It was easily one of my favourite weddings. It was completely beautiful, the food was delicious, and budget friendly. It just seemed to suit their personalities.

  • wow thx everyone we are still working on the food but I picked out my dress ( a very light floor length chiffon dress with tank style straps, minimal beading and a sweep train, so happy), we also have our dj and our reception and ceremony site.  The ceremony is outside by the pond and our reception is at a small hall in the park as well.  I can't wait to pick out my girls dresses and so on.  So much fun when nobody is fighting anymore.
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