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What is the BEST hotel in Maui???

My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon in Maui and have narrowed it down to the following hotels/resorts:

1) The Grand Wailea 
2) The Marriott - Wailea
3) The Ritz-Carlton
4) The Westin - Kaanapali
5) The Fairmont

If you have ANY comments about your experiences at one of these hotels, it would really be helpful!  Thanks!

Re: What is the BEST hotel in Maui???

  • The Grand Wailea has the best spa, IMO.
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    We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton.  What I loved about it is the seclusion (only hotel on the property with a private beach--not on a resort strip).  We got a couples massage at the spa and it was absolute heaven.  The grounds are beautiful. All the restaurants are top notch. I have a recap in my bio.  We'll never stay anywhere else.
  • we loved the HYATT (and we got free breakfast every morning)
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  • We're staying at the Hyatt, which is where my parents stayed 20 years ago. . . If we could afford it we would be staying at the Fairmont, because it looks GORGEOUS and the rooms are all suites. But alas, we can't!
  • stayed at the Fairmont...all suites and they all face the ocean.  BIG rooms.  We ate at the Four Seasons...it was OK, and pricey...pool was just OK too.
    Grand Wailea had way too many kids and you pay a hefty RESORT fee daily.
    The Hyatt is in a wonderful location...but Wailea is really gorgeous so I vote for the Fairmont!
  • I've stayed at the Fairmont and the Ritz Carlton on Maui.

    The Fairmont is nice because it is an all suite hotel.  The 4S is right next door, and a bit more luxurious.  You are going to get true 5 star service at the 4S.  The Fairmont will nickel and dime you for everything (want a cabana by the pool, that's $150 please), where everything is included at the 4S.

    The Ritz Carlton is a nice hotel, it was just too far away from everything for me.  It was also incredibly windy when we were there (not sure if it is like this all the time).

    I did not like the Grand Wailea at all.  Too many kids/families.  Parts of it looked in need of renovation.  It reminded me of a Disney resort.
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