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Hello All,

I recently found this board and i'm so excited because i feel like i can get the much needed help i have been wanting.  I am recently engaged and I am planning to have the wedding in St Louis which is my fiance's home town.  The venue we are looking at to have both the ceremony and reception is the St Louis Hyatt.  I was wondering if anyone was willing to share the budget that they had for planning their wedding here, pros and/or cons of the location, and just any other tips for the St Louis area.


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    I also thought about using them for our ceremony and reception. I felt for what they are giving you, it is over priced. They also had major opportunities when responsing to emails and phone calls. It took me almost 2 weeks to get a quote. My thought through the wedding process, is that these people should be earning my business. I did not get the feeling that they wanted mine. After visiting 17 different places, not kidding, we decided on sqwires. Bethany is the owner and is so amazing. She is doing everything she can to make my day amazing. This is over if Lafayette Square, so you can get married outside, in the park, and then have your reception at the annex. She will take great care of you!
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    Sorry, one more thing. Visit stlwed.com that board is way more active!
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    I looked at the Hyatt too and ended up not using them because we decided on a hometown wedding a few hours away, but they were SOOOO nice to work with! I really wish we could have stayed local, but my Mom was insiting on having it in my hometown. Had I been able to convience her, I so would have been at the Hyatt! The 18th floor would be the coolest place to have a reception or ceremony!
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    Thanks for your advice ladies!  Its so funny that the ceremony cite is waht draws me to this venue! It is beautiful! Keeping my options open for now though, let me know if you hear anything else!
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    I checked out the Hyatt for my wedding as well.  For about 130 people I belive it was around 15,000 or so.  I loved their cermony site as well.  But here is the down side to it.  If it rains, the place is not fantastic.  They move your ceremony into another room right next to where you eat. Your cocktail hour will be in a hallway. And you eat in the other room.  And then go back to the cermony room for dancing.  The rooms are both small, and look like boardrooms rather then ballrooms.  If you are a lucky bride, and it doesn't rain. This is what they do: they go out side for your cemony on the terrace with the light up floor. You go to the hallway or the other room for cocktail hour.  You then eat in the room that opens up to the terrace area.  You dance floor is the light up part. And your band/DJ is set up outside. They keep the doors open so that there are places you guest can still sit.  Also your guest have to go all the way up to the top floor. And then take about a 3-5min walk throught the hallway where their are guest rooms to even get to the area. Which isn't great for your older or disabled guest.  Althought, the ceremony site was beautiful.  We felt that there was way to many downside to the place. And the cost did exceed what they gave you. I ending up going with Scape in the CWE. ITs a resturant with a huge courtyard, and nice back up room for rain, and a lovely loft like room upstairs.  The best part is that you only pay for food and bar. There are no room fees.  And she is lovely to work with as well.  Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the info! I finally get to actually see what the Hyatt's 18th floor looks like and i'm really excited. Hopefully its everything i wanted it to be.  If not i might be sending out another post LOL!
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