Where can I find.....

I'm looking for two things and I haven't the first clue where to look or really even HOW to look them up so I hope my explanations for you girls make sense....
1) Strings of lights that have the larger "light-bulb" looking lights on them. I have no idea what they're called and I'm wondering if a rental company would have them and hang them for me????

2) fabric to hang from the exposed wooden beams in our reception venue. I know I can buy fabric myself, but are there professionals out there that would know how much and such? (plus, if hanging stuff at my venue they have to have insurance) So would a rental company have and hang this too?? How do I even ask for such a thing??

Re: Where can I find.....

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    Look for a wedding rental company (or if you're having a caterer - you can ask them.)

    Be careful with "hanging" items.  Many venues (if you're getting married at a venue) don't allow you to hang items due to insurance/safety reasons. 
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