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Maggiano's versus In-suite Reception?

I was all set and ready to put my deposit down on the DiCarlo Room at Maggiano's for our reception on Nov. 10, 2012, but I am right on the border for having too many people for the room (right now around 25-35 people).  After requesting pics of the room, I realize how small it is, but the next size up is substantially more money and I would not be even close to the room minimum.

So, I am wondering if it would make more sense to rent a suite and have it catered.  Initially, I was avoiding this idea because it felt too casual to me, but I am having trouble finding a good option.


Re: Maggiano's versus In-suite Reception?

  • I dont know much about the in suite but as far as Maggiano's goes, you will definitely hit your room minimum with 35 ppl (especially if you are having alchohol because the minimum for abruzzi is 2100 and if you use their vendors for cakes, linens, etc, it goes towards it. Just throwing that out there if the room minimum was the issue
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  • We just recently started looking at an in-suite instead of a restaurant, mainly because we decided to do our ceremony at noon so we could do a strip tour after...but I just wanted to say that you're getting married a day before me :)  Yay for November!!

    Regarding the in-suite, I've seen tons of great reviews for Masterpiece Cuisine, I've been talking to Celeste a lot, and she's awesome to work with!  Their prices are awesome, and the food sounds delicious!  Plus, they set it all up, and you toss everything after.. Easy as pie!
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