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October 2011 Weddings

Where I am moving too after the wedding!

So ladies I have been talking for awhile about FI being an Foriegn Service officer and about Flag Day. Well Flag day was today.

So today we found out that we will posted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the next two years.  You can learn a little more on my blog post www.diplonerds.blogspot.com

The catch is FI has to leave in June :( and then come back for the wedding. So it means several months apartment.

Re: Where I am moving too after the wedding!

  • wow! how do you feel about moving to ethiopia?

    the time apart really sucks though! is there anyway you could join him in the middle for a visit?
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  • That's one of the places Andrew Zimmern went when his show went to Ethiopa a few yeasr ago.
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  • I'm excited, not for the seperation that sucks, but we knew that could happen.  It is a great post, really really westernized, the weather is cool and dry all hear so you don't need aircondition or heaters, thoug they do have a rainy season for 3 months.  They have a 5 star hilton and 5 star sheraton with great spa and health clubs.

    There will be challenges and it is no London (which was one the posts) but he will get a significant pay increase and I won't be working and we will stay make more money than now.  Our housing is taken care for us, as well as furniture.  They used to be an Italian colony, and aparently make better pasta than you can find in the US

    The best part really inexpensive mani and pedis haha.

    ufortunately I wouldn't be able to afford the plane ticket and will have to work and wedding plan. After the wedding I will get my Dipolmatic passport and they will fly me over and my stuff.
  • Oh, I have a good friend that is Eritrean (right next door) that just moved back there not long ago...love the food and all her pics look so beautiful. I hear the people are very hospitable and friendly too.
  • Other than the seperation it does sound great! Will there be a waiting period after the wedding for your diplomatic passport?

    Do you have any special plans for when you don't have to work? School or hobbies or anything? It will be nice that when hes off work you will have time together as well. That was the worst about FI and my schedules.. in our relationship we both were always on oppositve shifts. Now I work strict 9-5 so its nice when hes off in the evenings or weekends we can always be together.
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  • Congrats on finally knowing where you are going to be living!  It sounds like a wonderful new opportunity, despite the difficulty of the time apart. Since it is a post will there be anumber of other couples and families in the same situation?
  • Yes there are 121 american foreign serivice officers staffed at the embassy, there is also a large USIDA group there, as well as tons of ex-pats from american and other countries. 

    Well since i have been going to school full time and/or working I am ready for a nice breather. Though we are planning to blog our adventures and I am going to look into starting my own online business, probably start on etsy with jewelry I make and then take advantage of the local culture for interesting items.

    A lot of spouse get into photography and find a good career off it.

    What I am looking forward to is actually having a lot of time to make my house a home and taking care of it. Being a great wife to my hardworking foreign service officer. 
  • Wow, Irish!  It sounds like a great place.  I'm sorry FI has to go first, but I bet the time will go so quickly with the wedding planning.


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  • I am thinking of moving home before my birthday July 20th and we will see if I can surivive living with my parents that long. I haven't lived with them since I was 18 and moved away for college. Longest I have been home for breaks was usually a month at most. 

    Pretty sure they will try to convince me not to move there but whatever.
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