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Invitations SENT

Our invitations are in the mail as of 9am this morning (except for a few which are being held back because there was a mistake on one envelope and we didn't want Aunt A and Aunt C getting their invite before Aunt J and causing drama). I AM SO EXCITED. I'm glad they're done and super psyched to start getting responses back soon!

It's getting real!!
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Re: Invitations SENT

  • Good job!!! Mine should be delivered today!
  • Must feel great!  

  • Yay that is so exciting!  Mine are sitting in a box waiting for next week to go to the mail.
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  • Christine9866Christine9866 member
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    DITTO!!! I was just going to start this thread!!!! Same with us, minus two someone just move to CA so I need her new addy and my great aunts (my great uncle passed) need to change envelope.

    I had a minor freak out and some anxiety! It is sooooo real now.. I just hope everyone gets them, and they come back to me with no issues :)
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  • Great job!!!  It's so exciting to get responses in the mail!!
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  • Nice!! I'm sending mine out this weekend, woohoo! And then rehearsal dinner invites next week. It does feel really well getting to this point! I'm getting so excited now- ready for it to be here!
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  • Yay!! I just bought the last of my postage so mine will go out tomorrow!!! I"m so stoked to start getting the rsvps back!!!
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  • Sent mine yesterday--it was a good feeling!
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  • Thanks all and congrats to all of you who sent them out as well. We were actually planning for next week (exactly 8 weeks out) but we have a lot of people travelling from a distance and...well...with everything READY it was impossible for me to just wait. I'm going to be checking my mailbox obsessively, I know - ha!
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  • I'm starting to freak a little. It's going to be February on Friday and my FMIL hasn't sewn ONE invitation. She's sewing the lace on the outside. I dropped the materials off in AUGUST so she could get a head start now here we are down to the wire and she hasn't done any of them. RSVP envelopes just came in today so I have everything ready to go for stuffing them. But I can't do that until she sews them.. I just want them finished and sent out!!
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  • I sent the majority of  mine last Friday and I have already gotten 12 RSVPs.  I am getting excited.
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  • Ally - can you ask her about it? Or sew some yourself? That really is stressful!!

    mslewis - really?? I hope my family and friends are that speedy! I'd love to start getting some by next week!
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