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March 2011 Weddings

Need Advice :( (LONG)

Ok here's the situation,
So my sister is getting married in August and her FI's family is HUGE! So they had cut their guest list down to about 300 peple and they had decided to use our local VFW as their reception hall, well then I get a call and she wants to use MY reception hall!!
Her future STEP mother in law said that the VFW would not be big enough and she didn't think this through totally being mean to my sister so she looked at every other place possible and they decided that mine would be best. So my mom told her that she can't use the same food as me and we would decorate differently.
I'm just afraid everyone in my family will think that I am copying my sister when realy I had the idea first :( I really wanted my day to be it's own thing and different but now it looks like it will be the same :( I guess I needed to vent and share my story I love my sister don't get me wrong I could never tell her no I mean she only has 7 months left.
I talked to FI about moving ours but we've already looked everywhere and this place was perfect for us :(
Thanks for listening!

Re: Need Advice :( (LONG)

  • I dont know what to say! Thats crazy! I would feel the same as you do :(
  • well what can you do? clearly you live in the same area. and thats where people get married. lots of people get married there, it just so happens you guys are sisters. I wouldnt think you are copying, and plus the only ones that will know its the same is you and you sisters family. they should understand. hth
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  • I would definitely be upset too. But I dont think people will think you copied her if your theme, colors, decorations and food are different. Hopefully people enjoy it so much the first time that they cant wait for yours to do it all over again.
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  • I agree with everyone on this one. It sucks, but the only people that will know it is the same is your side of the family. It is obnoxious, but your day will still be special. Just enjoy planning your wedding and don't worry about your sister. I had 2 friends that got married at the same venue within a few months of each other and really, the weddings were so different it really didn't matter that they were both at the same place. They even had the same caterer but had completely different menus. Just take some time to cool off and I'm sure everything will be fine.

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