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Ok try this lol e-pix

Re: Ok try this lol e-pix

  • Awwwwwwwww! These are so beautiful! LOVE the close-up, intimate shots! You guys are natural models! Thanks for sharing!
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  • Girl! These are so cute! I love the purple and blue pics. I can tell ya'll had a lot of fun!
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  • I LOVE the one of yall standing in the street... very cute!!  Loved your shoes with the dress!!
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  • just beautiful pics....loved the blue and those gorgeous silver shoes....cant wait to take my e-pics...

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  • Thank y'all...some I don't like cause The Mistah had me rolling...I was laughing too hard...u know when that upper lip is too high lmao!! And me feet kept sliding forward it was too hot out. I give props to those who model in's hard to pose right..
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  • In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:400Discussion:7d3a47bd-db02-4f69-ae9c-92fdcf84540fPost:91c89882-f14b-4a70-b949-f37f9207b0bc">Ok try this lol e-pix</a>:
    [QUOTE]<a href="!i=1928120966&k=Kqtv9NT" rel="nofollow">!i=1928120966&k=Kqtv9NT</a> Hope this worked...this our 1st time EVER taking pix together...these are the "raw" pix
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  • Love, Love, Love it! You guys are too cute and you were rocking those outfits!
  • I loved these pictures :)
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  • Ya'll e-pics are adorable. You working it in that Purple dress!!!! Photographer did a wonderful job!
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  • You too look great! I love your dress! You are working that dress!
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  • Love the pictures you guys look great!!!!
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  • These are so nice! Yall are a cute couple! N your outfits were really cute!
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  • Aww the pics are so cute Loved the dress I am excited about taking our pics
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  • Those are wonderful couple shots especially the very last one.  :)

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  • Great pix! I love that purple dress on you! 
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  • So cute date twin! You ROCKED that dress!!!!
  • Just lovely ! You guys look great together and so obviously happy and in love.  
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  • Aww.. I love ya'll pics.. so nice..
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