Marriage Advice..words of wisdom!

Hi Ladies! I was going through all my wedding stuff today, and found some "words of wisdom" from our engagement party. Thought I'd share some of my favorites. Thinking of trying to combine some of these and having a friend read them at our wedding...

Make it YOUR wedding. Not anyone else's second or third wedding. YOURS. You're only supposed to get one.

Don't forget to always say I love you.

No matter what, never go to sleep angry.

Love + Honesty+ Patience = A happy marriage. And make sure J has the same toys as your father .  (from my mom!)

Don't forget the pillow talk, it can lead to memories.

Never go to bed without a kiss. Think and take a deep breath before talking when having a disagreement, and COMPROMISE.

For J: Always say "Yes, dear!"

And last, my favorite from my dear grandfather who passed away in May:

Marriage is about respect. Always help each other and keep each other first in your life. Keep god in your marriage and you will have a long and happy life.

Just wanted to share, got teary eyed reading these!!!

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    awww thank you! These are heartwarming.

    On a funny note: One of the words of wisdom I will never forget came anonymously in the stack of well wishes people wrote at my shower. It said, "a hard man is good to find." I still die laughing over that one ;)
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    My BM's had this game at my bridal shower for me - everyone had to write words of advice or widsom and put them in an envelope and indicate when I could open them.  I've had so much fun opening the ones I could open already and reading them with my DH.

    My favorites were:

    "You are the most beautiful bride.  Walk slow, breathe deep, your husband awaits..." (from my MOH to be opened in the bridal suite)

    " never hurts to keep a man fed" (to open whenever, coming from my cousin, in our big Italian family, food is love lol)

    "...never go to sleep angry and never underestimate the importance of make-up sex!" (from my BM to be opened after our 1st stupid fight as husband and wife)

    Some important lessons that I learned in the wedding planning process -
    *Smaller bridal parties really make a big difference - saves $ and heartache.  Choose wisely, and if possible, choose later rather than sooner so you see who really supports you in the process.

    *You can't please everyone - it's your wedding and your day, and (like PP said) rather than letting others live vicariously through you to have their dream 2nd/3rd wedding, give yourself your dream wedding - you might only get 1 wedding if you're lucky, make it count!

    *In the end, no one is going to notice the flowers you used or the linens, or notice the small mistakes but you.  Don't stress, take it all in, and enjoy being a bride because it's over before you know it.
    "I don't know how it gets better than this. You take my hand and lead me head first - Fearless"

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    i wish more people would post some advice on here! loved reading it. if i had any id offer lol
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