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When to send out the save the date

hi our wedding is on 10*10*10 when should we send out our save the date cards?  its columbus day weekend.

Re: When to send out the save the date

  • That's my date too. I ordered my STD postcards yesterday and I'm planning on sending them in February, to my OOT guests.
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  • What Squirrly said.  Also, we sent ours out in August for a February wedding instead of July because we wanted to do it after the family reunion.  If you have any big get togethers with family who aren't all invited, I would suggest sending STDs after.
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  • our wedding is 8/15/10 and we are ordering the std's and sending them out asap. only people that we are absolutely sure about are getting one.
  • Our date is 10/2/10, and we're including them with our Christmas cards (which will hopefully we in the mail by Monday!).
  • I sent mine 6 months before the wedding (They went out in October, my wedding is in April). Like the previous posters, I left out anyone I wasn't positive I wanted to invite, I also sent them only to OOT guests (to save money, mostly). 

    Another thing to keep in mind if you are including your wedding website info is to make sure you have everything you want them to see up on the website before you mail the STD's because if they're going to look at all it will be right after they receive them!
  • We're doing ours a little under 6 months ahead. Our wedding is in June and we are mailing them next week.
  • I would definitely send them to in-town and out-of-town guests. Even if your wedding is on a Saturday, many people will have to take off work. It would suck to miss out on having someone at your wedding because they couldn't ask off for the time soon enough. Spend the extra money and send one to in-town people as well. 
  • TK has the following guidlines for STDs:

    Since my wedding is during Labor Day Weekend (9/5/10), I am sending them out sometime in the middle of next month.  I'm sending them to all my guests.
  • We sent ours out early because we passed ours out at our Engagement Party back in April (which was 14 months before the wedding). We then mailed out the rest to the people who weren't at the Engagement Party. Most of the girls on here suggest to do them 6-12 months out from the wedding like pp said. Especially since yours falls on a holiday weekend it's best to do them sooner than later in case people book vacations in advance or make other plans. HTH!
  • Hi there, I'm also getting married on 10-10-10 and I'm planning to send them the 2nd week in January to all the "A" list guests
  • A & B lists are rarely a good plan.  Somebody on the B list will find out and be offended.  I would strongly suggest that you try to find a venue that will accomodate your whole guest list, or just accept that you can't invite everyone and move on.
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  • I just received an STD for a wedding next September.  I thought it was a little early, but I guess the general opinion is that it's not.  The wedding is over Labor Day weekend and also is in Reno (we're from Oregon), so I suppose those two reasons make the STDs more significant.
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  • Im also getting married on 10/10/10 and I am going to try and send my save the dates out before the end of January. Hopefully we can get them made in the next two weeks.
  • We are getting married 9/18/2010 and I will be sending our STD cards this upcoming saturday.
  • in  am sending mine out Jan 15th because we are getting married during the Xmas Season and its a destination wedding. I need to give everyone as much time as possible to plan and make arraignments...
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