Stephanotis-Only Bouquet! Anyone?!?!?

Hi. I'm thinking of having a stephanotis-only bouquet like this.(Picture in my bio) I'm just a huge fan of stephanotis. Has anyone had a stephanotis bouquet just like this or thinking of having it as your bouquet? Do you have any idea how much would it be? This is my dream bouquet, I really really really want it.Thank you in advance!

Re: Stephanotis-Only Bouquet! Anyone?!?!?

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    I, too, fell in love with the stephanotis-only bouquet.  And I just had to have it.  I talked with a local florist.  She told me that it would be about $300 for just stephanotis- I didn't realize that they have to hand string the individual blossoms and how labor intensive it really is.  She did, however, give me two less expensive options.  Each option was to use a "filler" flower as the base that the stephanotis is covering so that there are less stephanotis blossoms needed because they are so small, you need so many to make sure there is no gap.  A filler flower helps for the gaps, I guess.  So now I am down to $180. It will still look like a rounded bouquet of stephanotis so I'm happy! HTH.
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