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Have you noticed any changes...?

in yourself since starting to plan your wedding?

Here is how I noticed I have changed. I was talking to a friend the other day who said she was attending a wedding last Friday. When I called her yesterday to ask how the wedding went she said after work she was too tired to go. I asked if she had called the couple to let them know, she said no.

The old me would have said "they were having a Friday evening wedding and if they are your friends they should understand". But since I've been here with you ladies I now have a new perspective. Now I'm like...OMG you RSVP yes and didn't show up?!?

Also, now I know the names of exotic flowers, the difference in stationary, how a mermaid dress is different from a fit-and-flare, etc....LOL!

How about you?

Wedding date July 7, 2012

Re: Have you noticed any changes...?

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    A friend of mine told me she attended a reception to which she wasn't invited. Someone just asked her to "ride along". Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, heck I probably would've gone myself if this was a few months ago. Instead I asked her did she eat? YES Did you bring a gift? No I then fussed at her because the bride and groom had to pay for that extra mouth and you didn't even bring a gift! That's why security (big football player cousins) will be on hand at my wedding!
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    I am just a big stickler on hearing someone tear apart someone else's wedding particularly if they are talking about the the venue they chose, colors, style of dress, etc. or the songs they played.  My thing is it is THEIR wedding and THEIR day.  NOT YOURS.  When you have your wedding, you wear what you want, etc. 

    In the past I may have been guilty of this but not anymore. 

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    When i used to go to weddings, i never used to pay attention to all the details. Now i'm like looking at EVERYTHING!!!! LOL..

    Yesterday i received a STD card and i caught myself comparing hers to mine.

    I'm so critical of wedding related things/issues now. lol IDK if thats a good or bad thing.
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    When we first were engaged a few years back I didnt know what the heck I was doing.. I dont think I could have planned a wedding if Martha Stewart was my momma. Now I am so happy I am off this summer to plan and research. In addition, I find that I do have an exact vision and opinion about each detail. I also find that I have begin praying and consulting God a lot more about details and even the smallest decisions. Before I didnt know what I wanted. Now I KNOW!

    I also know who my true friends are and who makes the invite list... there is now a distinct line between friends and just people I know...especially at $50 bucks per person
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    I've definitely changed when it comes to RSVPs!  LOL!  I used to be one of those people who would wait until the last minute to send it in **hangs head in shame** but for the wedding that FI and I went to on NYE I sent the RSVP in immediately.  You truly don't understand how important an RSVP is until you're in the situation.  The deadline for our RSVPs was yesterday and there were people that I texted/sent messages on facebook/called and they were just like, yeah I forgot.  Smh.

    Overall I've changed in the sense that I now appreciate all of the hard work that people go through to make a wedding happen and I fully understand why some people have certain things in their weddings and some don't.  When my cousin got married 5 years ago I wondered why she had a cash bar and not an open bar.  Now I see why! 
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    I noticed that I'm less critical of mistakes during weddings. I now realize that weddings will not be that "perfect day" that we hear about.

    I also have a new found respect for wedding planners. I planned my own wedding & it's NO JOKE.

    I found my new talent.......negotiating!
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    I have noticed a huge change in my maturity and how I approach situations and other people. The way I look at some people also has changed.
    I too now know the names to all the flowers and my mom is just like, "What the hell is a orchid?"
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    Yes but it was most obvious when I had someone point it out to me.  

    I took my one of my girls dress shopping with me and I was trying on different dress and I had my lil' notebook for notes on designs, fabrics, colors and what not.  She looked at me like I had grown two heads - you really know the differences between trains, veil lengths, fabrics etc and I said yea.  

    Like the pp said I see the hard work that gets put into weddings and man oh man do I appreciate it a lot more now.
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