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Hey I am looking for an indoor venue in downtown Indy (only needed for the reception because the ceremony will be at a church) that is nice but not too expensive. 
any ideas for me to check out?

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    How many people, what kind of vibe do you want and what is your definition of not too expensive?
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    yes, please clarify what is expensive to you.  otherwise we can't be of any help!  i'm having mine at the ritz and since its a straight per person fee...i don't think it's expensive but we're spending about $10-$12k on the reception venue.  Other places were $14-$20k for less service.
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    the wedding will have about 300 people and our entire wedding budget is 10,000
    the vibe im not quite sure, something simple because my dress will be simple along with the flowers and centerpieces
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    Is it a must to have the reception downtown, mermaid?  That's where our budget is too and although I didn't actively look at downtown venues, my best friend (also getting married next year) did, and said they were way too expensive - and she has a larger budget than I do.  I am not sure that you would be able to find something downtown that fits that budget, especially with that many people - but then again, I might be wrong, because I didn't look into downtown too much. 

    Unless the church you like is far from the northside, have you considered looking there?  There are a lot of nice venues north and they are much more reasonably priced.
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