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WTB - Banquet Chair Covers - Vases etc.

Ok ladies here is the deal.  My fiance and I were supposed to go to Vegas to get married.  Then someone turned all sappy on me and now wants to have a wedding and reception here at home.

With that being said I have a VERY limited budget and am running into some road blocks.  I have a place for the venue however the chairs are honestly very ugly (I'm not being picky even the MOH thinks they are pretty darn ugly).  My fiance has a huge family so I'm looking at a guest list of 100-125.

I'm searching for anyone who might be able to sell their banquet chair covers for $1-$1.50ea.  I've got 18 long tables to decorate.  I am trying to find super cheap votives, stemmed votives, vases to do simple and inexpensive centerpieces.  I will probably end up making coffee filter roses to do pomanders to put on the vases and have the only real flowers be the bouquets.  

I need help!!  I have scoured the web looking for the stupid chair covers and can't find them.  I've got time as the wedding is in spring of 2013.  So with that being said - anyone want to take pity on me and give me a deal??

I also found up lighting to rent for $19/per light - anyone know if it can be done cheaper or have any they used for their weddings for sale?

Re: WTB - Banquet Chair Covers - Vases etc.

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