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Hey Ladies!! I have a crazy idea that my FI asked me and now I'm going to ask y'all!! Do you all think that I should (or could for that matter) email most of the invitations to those with computers and then just send out the invitations to those without computers? We are trying to cut cost anywhere we can and I think it's a pretty good way to cut costs on paper and be green at the same time!

By the way is this even possible?
Please let me know!!\Thanks lovelys!!
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  • I personally wouldn't do that. You can find cheap invitations at vista print which is what I did or even Michael's....they usually have a sale on their invitations. To further save, instead of mailing invites, you and/or a group of people can hand deliver to those in the immediate area. In this way, you can cut down on postage. 

    As far as going green, vista print has 100% recycled 100 lb premium paper. 100-lb is thicker than standard postcard weight.   

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  • Thanks for that Idea! I will go over this with the FI! Thanks thanks thanks!
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  • Also just a idea what you can do is contact your phone company and get a second line and have ppl call in their RSVP's tha way you dont have to pay out that extra postage for return RSVP's...they would simply call in and leave a voicemail saying yes or no and the number of guests...just a idea 

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  • I agree with Cha and misstira... Keep a look out for Groupon or living social deals regarding vistaprint. I found a groupon for vista print where i paid $17 for $70 worth of product. So I got a great deal on my STD and I was able to order envelopes, premium print etc..  and only had to pay for shipping. Also, in addition to what misstira was suggesting, you can set up rsvp on your wedding website for free as well.  
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