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Top 10 Ceremony/Recption Sites in the LA area?

Just curious... what would you ladies say are the top 10 sites in our area?

FI and I are having SUCH a tough time finding a place and I feel like every new bride-to-be I meet that is looking for a place I am able to refer them to somewhere they'll love... but we haven't been as lucky, so I'd like to know what you ladies would say are the top sites around here?
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Re: Top 10 Ceremony/Recption Sites in the LA area?

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    I don't really know what the top 10 are, but a good place to search is

    Another good place to go is

    Top ten most used may or may not be the best way to go about it.  You got to think of what you want, your priorities and your budget.

    Then start interviewing, keep track of what each offers and how much each costs.  Then go with the venue that gives you the most bang for your $$$.
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    That totally depends on the person. What location (South Bay? Valley?), what budget, what style, what size?

    Personally, I considered some larger restaurants because I have less than 100 people I'm inviting. Someone with a guest list of 300 wouldn't have that luxury.

    There are also a LOT more places that would bemy "dream" places if I had 50k to spend on my wedding. But I don't.

    I mean, obviously my venue that I picked was my favorite, for my size, style and budget. And that was available for when I wanted it.

    I also think most places have a flaw or two - it's just seeing what you can work around. I wouldn't work with people who are rude or hard to get ahold of. I wouldn't work with a place with sub-par food. Those are deal-breakers to me, but maybe not to others.
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    Ebell Club Los Angeles
    Ebell Club Long Beach
    Long Beach Museum of Art
    Castaways (Burbank/Glendale)
    La Venta Inn Palos Verdes
    Trump Golf Course Palos Verdes
    Pelican Cove (Newport)
    Smog Shoppe Los Angeles
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