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So my fiances parents are paying for the rehearsal dinner.  My fiance and I originally told them we didn't need one because we just didn't think that money needed to be spent.  His parents insisted on have a rehearsal dinner so we are now.  I know usually only the people involved in the actual wedding and their SO are invited to the rehearsal dinner, but my fiance's mom wants to invite his aunts, uncles, and cousins who are not in the wedding.  She also told me to make a list of who I want there, so I feel that it's fair that I get to invite my aunts, uncles, and cousins to the rehearsal dinner also, especially since they are coming from out of the country and I do not get to see them very often.  My concern is that the list is pretty long with all of our families and wedding party combined.  I feel bad about how big the list is, but I feel like since my parents accomodated invited some of the FMIL's friends to the wedding, I should not have to feel bad about having my cousins at the rehearsal dinner since his are also and she asked me to make a list of who we wanted there.  I understand that it's his parents who are paying so they have the final say and they haven't complained or anything about the list to me yet, I just kind of feel bad that it's so long.

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Invite list

  • It's fairly common to invite family and/or guests from out of town to a RD. It's really nice of your future ILs to offer to host, and I agree with PP that you should just ask them for the number of guests they'd like to accommodate and provide a list with that number.
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