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Dress buying!

Hey August 2012 brides!
Question! I'm starting to get really anxious about buying my dress. I want to go as soon as I can, but I'm wondering what everyone's thoughts are. How early is too early?

Re: Dress buying!

  • Make sure it is a dress you are absoultely in love with.  I am planning on going dress shopping in about a month.  Which is over a year out. But my advice, once you find the dress, dont look at dresses at all any more!
  • I found my dress already! It is bought and paid for (thanks to my wonderful fiance) and hanging in a non see through white bag in the spare room in my house! It was everything I wanted and got it at a great deal, I just knew I couldn't walk away from it without regreting it!
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  • I bought mine 3 weeks ago. My dress takes 6 months to come in, and then they want 3 months for alterations. So I don't think it's too far out : ) I feel good about it & have no desire to look at more dresses lol.
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  • I found my dress a month ago and will be getting measure and purchasing it this weekend! It's also a 2010 collection so I'm getting a killer price on it!
  • i'm going to seriously start looking in august. that way it will be the right temperature/season outside for me to really get an idea of what it will be like when i get married. =)

    also the fall 2011 dresses will be out, and maybe some spring 2012 ones if i find i cant decide right away!
  • I have mine as well.

    I think you can shop as early as you want to. They key is once you've found something, you stop looking. As in stop looking for a better price, better material, better'll drive yourself nuts.
  • I will purchase my dress in August but I did find it already.  My designer takes about 8 months or so the one place I went says, so I still have time to see if I can get it cheaper from a different shop.  I also want to the availabliltiy to get my dress during a trunk show so I will pay less as well.   Also, I did not look at any other dresses since I found that one.  That's where you start to doubt yourself I think.  
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