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One more day till Friday!
How is everyone doing?

I am doing pretty good. So happy I have 20 of the envelopes for the invites DONE. Not too many left to do =)
One more week till Xmas Eve!
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Re: MORNING!!!!!

  • Morning.
    I am having a lazy day. I am going to officially graduate with my PhD tomorrow.  Hooray Hooray:)
  • That's AMAZING ht! Congrats to you!!!

    Not a lot going on here, I had to get to work early for the second day in a row. So I'm exhausted. My son just left for his dad's house today. He'll be there for 10 days and I won't get him back til the 26th. So I spend my entire morning balling my eyes out, it'll be my first Christmas without him :(
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  • @ht CONGRATULATIONS! THat is so awesome!!!

    @Sweetie, awww Im so sorry! I hope you find something positive in today and feel better! THat must be hard though... :(

    @JSweetie YAY for almost being done w/ invites!

    Im doing good this morning. I got GREAT news when the FI came home last night, he was scheduled to work on Christmas Eve, and I was bummed because my sister is having a get together at her house w/ eggnog and cider and food and stuff and he wasnt goign to be able to go. Well his boss rearranged the schedule and now he gets Christmas eve AND CHristmas Day off! SO happy! Im hoping we get to catch the candle light service at church too!

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  • I am ok. I have to drive her dad to drop his car off at a place so he can get brakes, then we have to come back here so he can get his car (he has to get the one car fixed to use it while the other car is being fixed, he got in an accident last night, all is ok though) so  I need to take him to drop that off, and then back here, and THEN me and little A can go finish xmas shopping. ugh

    oh and AW today is 100 days!!
  • ahhh I'm in the double digits!
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  • Congrats on the graduating! I'm waiting for my last final to start now, and I'll graduate Friday so I'm really close!

    Its been a crazy morning. We had freezing rain, and nobody here can drive in it. Over 1000 wrecks were called in last night, not counting ones that the people just traded info and left! Been a mess.
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  • speaking of weather...Gotta love Texas...It was 80 degrees and 50 mph winds yesterday, grassfires EVERYWHERE and tomorrow the high is 40....then sunday 75 again. If I dont get sick now I never will!
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  • ht, Congratulations! When I graduated with mine it was great because all of the nonsense you went through is suddenly worth it.

    Today FI and I are taking my car into the shop...check engine light is one, which can't be good. Fingers crossed I don't have pay a ridiculous amount and it is a just a glitch.

    @JSweetie - Congrats on getting your invites almost done!!!!

    @sweetie - I'm so sorry for what you're going through today.  I have to go through that next weekend.  Their dad is picking them up on the 26th and I won't have them back until sometime NYs day or night.  I'll be crying all night Christmas night and all day the 26th after they leave.

    @B2B - Glad to hear that your FI is ok and that he wasn't hurt.

    I'm just sitting on my butt today working on a counted cross stitch stocking for my FI for Christmas.  We had the ice and all like Atlanta, and the blasted kids had the day off WHEN THERE'S NO NEED FOR THEM TO BE HOME.  It's warm out and raining now.  Now they're going to be home all day driving me crazy when FI is trying to sleep for work tonight.

    AS OF 1:00PM I'M DOWN TO 84 DAYS TO GO!!!!  What happened to the triple digits?  It's going by way too quick now
  • @Denise...sorry to hijack the B2B thing but its not her FI that got into an accident it's the father of the little girl she nannies that got into one.
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  • @ ht Congrats on your PhD thats great!!

    I am doing ok. Stuck on the phones all day at work. I just answered a call from one of the attorneys I used to work for. So weird!
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  • Congrats ht! Morning everyone! Not much going on here. Like JSweetie, working on my invites! I've only got a few left, then off to the post office tomorrow to send them out! I need to pack too! Can't wait for the weekend!
  • Thanks for the congrats everyoneSmile
  • I'm kinda freaking out this morning but it's NWR at all. 

    A friend of mine asked me to be her second shooter this Saturday for a holiday party that she's the photographer for.  I've never done any "paid" work before, so I'm freaking out!!   She also already said that I can go as a 3rd shooter to practice and see how she works on the next wedding she's shooting in January.   It's really a HUGE opportunity for me to learn some things in the only thing I've ever found that I really love doing, and may someday have a chance to actually get paid for if I'm good enough.   Problem is that I don't feel anywhere near good enough.  LOL 

    Awesome part is that she offered to pay me for this party Saturday, or trade for a b-pic session that I've been wanting to do, but absolutely could never afford.  So I get to surprise FI with b-pics for Valentine's day or the wedding!

    We are going to scout out the room the party is in today so we can see how we can set up things and which one of us is going to shoot what.  I'm like 20% excited, and 80% terrified! 
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    @JSweetie - Thank you for letting me know.  Glad to know that it wasn't her FI!!!!  Sorry for the mixup.

    Glad the father wasn't hurt either.
  • Good Morning!  FI and I have a day off together today so we will finish Christmas shopping, take my car in (it's starting really slowly but it's only a couple of years old, so it should be covered by the warranty THANK GOODNESS), mail our 1 overseas invite, and mail my parent's gifts to MN so hopefully they will get there by Christmas!  I have to enjoy today bc it is my last day off until Christmas Eve, yuck!
  • Good morning! Nothing going on here. Need to take the dogs to the dog park since its actually nice today and they need to get rid of all their energy. Then I need to clean the house, FMIL and FSIL are coming over for dinner tomorrow night and I'll confess the house needs a good cleaning!
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