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I want colored linens but not sure if I can afford them! Help

Our colors are navy and ivory.  The venue we are using provides all ivory linens but not chair covers.  I think chair covers really add a lot, but they are expensive.  A woman at a linen store suggested using a navy runner on the tables for some color and then possibly using a more fancy tablecloth on the cake table. 
Thoughts?  Suggestions?  What have you done?

Re: I want colored linens but not sure if I can afford them! Help

  • We are only getting ivory table cloths from our venue. I wanted to rent gold swirl organza overlays but they are really expensive to rent. I did some online research and found that I could buy almost any overlay/tablecloth that rental companies offer from wholesale companies.

    Do some searches...I'll be able to buy mine for less then half the rental and I plan on selling them on ebay. Here's the ones we are getting and the website.

    I like the idea of runners or if you are crafty you can make them for pretty cheap. GOOD LUCK!
  • If you want to get different linens, I would suggest buying rather than renting. has reasonable prices to begin with, plus you can register for their site and then use code " twitter50082010" to get a further 20% off before August 1.  Our experience was that linens were relatively easy to sell after the wedding.
  • What are your centerpieces like? I was playing with the same idea of adding color with a table runner, but then I realized I'm going to have so much other stuff going on, between the CP, menu, favors and table settings. Maybe add some flower petals that compliment your colors?
  • I bought some cloth napkins to place in the center of SOME of my tables under the center pieces to add a splash of interest.  My tables are round and I plan on putting them on the diagonal!  Furthermore, I can use them in the future at my house!!  Good luck!
  • You could always DIY them! Depending on when your wedding is, you can get fabric on sale & it is a lot cheaper!
  • We found great prices on linens at
    The color choices were great - we plan on eventually re-selling some of the linens, theyre still in good shape
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