Inner envelope dilemma!

I know the outer envelopes for the invitations should state "Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith."  For some reason,  I thought the inner envelopes could be more personal, such as "Uncle Kevin and Aunt Linda."   Am I way off?  I've seen online that the outer shoud be "Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith" and the inner should be "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."  I don't like this, but don't want to stray too far from what's expected.  Any advice?

Re: Inner envelope dilemma!

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    I am doing my inner envelopes with less formal names, but not titles such as aunt or uncle.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

    John and Jane
    Jill, Jack, and Joe

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    I'm no etiquette expert, but I have always seen it done in the less formal way, with the inner envelope using first names only, so that's what I would expect to see.
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    TECHNICALLY the outer envelopes and inner envelopes should be addressed using the same level of formality (i.e. if you use titles on the outer, use the same titles on the inner). For example:

    Outer envelope:

    Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Smith
    123 Main Street
    Cincinnati, OH  45220

    Inner Envelope:

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    At some point, brides decided to ignore this and get all cutesy with more familiar titles on the inner envelopes, and it's become a tradition in and of itself.  It's not "traditional etiquette," but people do it anyway.  So long as you're not making anyone uncomfortable by doing the less formal titles on the inside, and you don't mind that you're not following "strict traditional etiquette" then do what you want.  Smile
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    Thanks for the info, I feel better about using less formal names on the inside now.  Thanks!
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