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Hello ladies! I seem to be stuck in finding a reception location. I'm new to the knot so I hope I could find some good researches. We would like the reception to be held either in Reading, Lancaster, York or Hershey. Pretty much a 30 minute radius from Lancaster. 

Only thing is, we would like to use a chinese cater. So we would need a place that would allow outside catering and holds 250-300 guests. We would prefer a full working kitchen since our cater might be traveling at least an hour or so. 

I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks ahead of time! 

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    What about Liberty Place?  You will have to decorate it the way you want to, but it can be very pretty.  I once did a wedding there and it was beautiful.  Large space, kitchen, an area for cocktails, free parking, etc... 

    Good luck!
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    I helped a catering company do a wedding there once. They don't allow the caterer to use the stove/oven but we can use the kitchen to prep. The Liberty place is lovely though. It would've been perfect. Thanks alot. Laughing
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    I was looking into the Lancaster JCC.  They have a brand new ballroom called The Legacy.  It is really pretty. I think it is big enough to hold all of your guests as well.  They have a full kitchen that the caterer of your choice can use.  The place was brand new when I was looking at it.  At the time you could use any caterer you want but it could have changed by now.  I would recommend looking at it at least.  The outside building is not much to look at but the inside is beautiful and they have a fireplace lounge for the cocktail hour.

    Hope that helps!
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    I haven't seen the new side of JCC but i've helped cater there also. I actually live right in back of it. We will check it out. I haven't been there for almost a year so maybe the size of the new ballroom is bigger then the older one. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Have you checked out the Lancaster Art Gallery, Mulberry Art Studio?  They're really neat.  Hardwood floors, two levels, great flow and fantastic staff.  Pretty sure you can bring your own caterer as well.  Hope it helps:)

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