Personalized clear stones?

I was at a wedding once where the favors were small clear stones that had "love" and the couples name and date, and such in them. Most likely a small piece of paper on the back. They were about the same size as stones you would put in a vase as a center piece. Anyone know where I can get these. Knowing the bride they were reasonably priced as well.

Re: Personalized clear stones?

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    I think you can diy them if you wanted. Go to Micheals and get a glass etching kit, and try it yourself, I don't know how skilled you would have to be, or even if its hard, but anything that saves money is worth a try :)
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    DIYing that idea is going to be a pain in the butt if you want it done on all the stones...but I actually love the idea!  I just found a website that sells the stones for pretty inexpensivly in an array of sizes and colors.  it is http://www.wholesalersusainc.com/
     and look up vase gems...they come all the way up to 60 mm big. 
    Etching is old hat to me, so you should use a product called armour etch...it works amazing.  the only thing is you need to make sure your sensils are backwards if you are etching into the bottom of the stones...if you etch into the top, then do it normally.  I love this idea so much I am going to go online and see if I can find a place to cut the stensils for me...man I wish I had a cricut!  Thanks!
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    oh, if you have a cricut, then diy becomes a ton less of a pain in the butt...it is hand cutting that many small stensil that would be the hard part.  good luck.
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