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Hi ladies! What’s on the docket today for working out/eating? I took today off running and worked on my hip strengthening exercises this morning. My hip muscles are so weak it’s crazy! I can’t believe that simple leg lifts make my hip muscles burn.


Yesterday I had salad for breakfast, catered sandwich & salad for lunch (I don’t know why I always eat the catered food because it’s never that good and probably has a gazillion calories) and tacos for dinner.


Have a healthy day, ladies!

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Re: accountability

  • B: Apple Crisp (small cup)
    L : Salad
    D: TBD

    E: Zumba
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  • Cause it's free Lora!! I didn't get to the gym becAuse I had a dentist apt after work but I did walk an hour during work in the cemetery Yesterday was Day 3 of the South Beach diet Breakfast~ 2 hard Boiled eggs and a bloody Mary minus the vodka! Lunch~ a salad with turkey, black olives, mushrooms, celery, mozz cheesse. Snack was a string cheese Dinner~ was another salad just like lunch I'm 2 lbs away from my mini goal and I fit in a pair of jeans that used to be snug on me!
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  • Yesterday wasn't so bad...  it was my off day though.

    Today I have a strength training workout planned for this evening.  I just couldn't wake up in time this morning.

    For Breakfast I had a shake.
    I'm going to Boston Market for lunch today and I really need to stick to white meat and veggies... I hope I don't cave for the sweet potatoes and corn bread
    Dinner: I'm craving eggs....so I might have egg whites with spinach/garlic chicken sausage
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  • Sounds like everyone's doing well.

    Food wasn't too bad yesterday until we got home and there were delicious muffins that we had gotten the day before staring at us.  But that was the only bad thing that we had.  PLus we actually went to the gym again last night!!!  We did about 50-55 minutes of cardio.  I am not sure if we are going tonight becuase of the snow but I think that we are going to try.
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  • I always read your Accountability posts, but I never comment. I think it's time for me to join this! I want to lose about 30 pounds till October(I'll be happy to lose 20, but 30 is my ultimate goal). Last week I starter counting calories using Lose it, my limit is 1200. I did this before and it worked, but I gave up after 4 months (I lost about 18lb).I try to exercise about 4 times a week now.
    Yesterday I had:
    B: Special K cereal w 1% milk
    L: frozen chicken Alfredo (260cal) and 2 Hershey kisses
    D: Spinach salad and a toast pizza (a slice of toast w tomato sauce, cheese and turkey pepperoni)
    S: Hard boiled egg, grapes, turkey pepperoni

    E: 1 mile on the elliptical and 30 min of core exercise.

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  • Yesterday was my normal day off, Tuesdays always are. I work till 5, get home, scarf down dinner with FI and then we're on the road to a business meeting that lasts until 11. As is the normal Tues routine.... lol

    Tonight is going to be the strength workout that my friend put together for me with the medicine ball. I am loving it, and especially feeling it in my arms lol
  • Busy day here so just dropping in!

    B- Oatmeal w/ berries
    L - Big Salad with veggies and tuna
    D - Whole wheat pasta and chicken

    WO - Body Pump.  Maybe a little cardio after if I have time!

    Hope everyone is have a great day!

    Jenn - Awesome on being so close your mini goal and fitting into those jeans!!!
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  • Congrats Jenn, it is great that you are almost at your mini-goal.
    2nd day of Atkins but I am up because of my cycle starting today.  It sucks but I need to stick with it.  I am embarrassed to admit that I had to borrow a bunch of summer clothes from a friend for Hawaii because all mine from last year were way too small.  I want to wear my own clothes again when we go to Mexico.  That should be good incentive.
    Marcia - good for you at starting a new plan.  One thing I have found though is that if I try to limit myself to 1200 calories I gain weight because my body goes into starvation mode or something.  Everyone is different though.  If you are not losing as much as you think you should be instead of cutting any I would be tempted to add another 200 to that.  I lost almost 120lbs about 8 years ago and I had to stick at 1400 to 1500 calories to consistently lose.
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