Candy Bar bowls

If any of you ladies have your candy bar bowls still I would love to take them off your hands! I dont necessarily want to keep them; if I could just borrow them that would be great too!

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Re: Candy Bar bowls

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    try garden ridge they have all kinds of glassware.
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    I don't know how long you're comfortable waiting...but, my wedding is April 10.  We are having a candy bar.  I have lots of glass jars/dishes.  They are all shapes and sizes.  I made it a point that they could only be clear/plain glass, no etching or frosted glass.  I wanted it to be clean looking.  I will sell cheap (really really cheap) after the wedding.  So, keep that in mind, if you're not having luck anywhere else. 
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    ditto, Ill have some in May when Im done.  Hey, is this the Mrs.Harrison on weddingbee? If it is you can just have mine when Im done. Im amanda and your doing my DOC. I have a ton, just let me know when you need them
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    I need some as well may 8 if anyone wants to give/sell them to me.  [email protected]
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