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Plans for the weekend?

It's almost Friday, so time to start thinking about what you're going to do this weekend! Any big plans for you ladies?

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Re: Plans for the weekend?

  • Saturday FI and I are getting up early so we can go to my moms work (she works at an assisted living) for thier Easter brunch.  My super awesome FI is going to be the easter bunny for them! He's such a good sport. After that I think we may go to the Citrus Fair, its a street fair/carnival type event and I have to admit that it was the advertising of the baby animals that sucked me in to wanting to go. 

    So far Sunday has no plans, except dinner with FI's dad and step mom. I try to keep at least one weekend day pretty mellow but we shall see. I've decided that my ring barer pillow is going to be covered in the same green flowers that I used on my flower girl basket so I may end up working on that. 
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  • Homework!!!!!!!!!!  Waste of my life.  hehe

    Saturday dinner with friends.

    Sunday all day. :(

    Hope you ladies are having a way more fun weekend than mine!
  • I have a midterm Friday morning. After that, FI and I are going to be taking a roadtrip out to Chicago! We're going to visit family and hopefully get a bunch of wedding related visits and such done while we are out there.
  • Monday is my birthday and a holiday in Massachusetts, as well as Marathon Monday in Boston so my office is on the marathon route so we close! I have 2 parties tomorrow for other people and FI offered to buy me a laptop so we'll probably get some shopping in there too!
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  • This weekend was our anniversary, so we hung out together, something we don't get to do often....and i went to talk to a caterer! :) WHEE! Think we found one to use!
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