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Reception site

I need help finding a reception site, preferably close to the Strongsville or Fairview Park area.

October 27, 2012
Approx 80 guests
Dance floor, but can be small
Serves alcohol or lets us bring it (prefer to bring our own)
Some place with character - not a hotel or restaurant
Open to using in-house or bringing in a caterer
Has a sound system we can plug into with a computer or iPod to play our own music
$40-45 pp max...less is better

Thank you for any help! I am kind of freaking out about finding a venue that meets our "wants" list that is affordable!

Re: Reception site

  • Try Bain Park Cabin, but you will need to know someone who lives in Fairview to get you the permit.

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    Belarusan American Community Center in Strongsville may at least be worth a check of their web site and a phone call. It's generally for larger weddings (200-300), but you could decorate 'strategicallyl' and I think it could work for a smaller group. I know that the food is good, they only do 1 event at a time, the dance floor is gorgeous wood and it's both affordable and BYOB. It's neither a hotel nor a restaurant, but more of a ballroom-type hall.

    No clue on pricing, but for a more 'unique' atmosphere, you could consider: Old Town Hall in Strongsville (max 75 though), Cleve. Metroparks Chalet in Strongsville, Nicholson House in Lakewood.

    FYI, Bain Cabin does not allow alcohol, if that's a concern for you.
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  • You should absolutely check out the Old Town Hall in strongsville. Large windows, beautiful light fixtures and gorgeous hardwood floors. Its recently renovated but has a glamorous victorian feel. We've had numerous showers and events there and every experience has been spectacular. Its extremely inexpensiv: they provide the tables and chairs, you are allowed to bring in your own alcohol (extra fee), it has an industrial kitchen, and everyone who works there is extremely friendly and helpful. I can't say enough great things about it. 
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