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Crappy morning


Re: Crappy morning

  • We're having a breakfast potluck in an hour or so.  I had to get up at 5 am to make my casserole... yuck.  But, should be a fun morning- also doing our White Elephant gift exchange.  I hope I get something good this year- last year I got crappy re-gifted picture frames :\
  • Morning, all.

    I'm at work with absolutely nothing to do.  I'm writing my first wedding TY note right now.  Dani, it turns out that the china piece from my friend was a wedding gift...5 months early.  At least, I think so--there was a note in there I didn't see right away wishing the happy couple a lifetime of fun dinner parties, so that's what it sounds like to me.  I had no idea people sent wedding gifts this early, but, hey, fine by me.
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  • True Sara. I'm very thankful. I forgot about Manda's sr. page, and it's due Friday, along with the $250 payment in full. Eeeek! I had to ask her to wait on the boots she wants for Christmas until the week after, just in case I don't get the deposit on the freelance project this week. I hate having to do that. I also have to pay $100 for both girls' yearbooks by 12.29. What company sets order dates for something so expensive in freakin December? Ugh.

    Their loving father offered to pay $100 for the yearbooks but nothing for the sr. page. It took every bit of kindness I had to ask him to give a comment to go on it. I should get that entire page, since I'm paying for it. But that's petty, and little, and I'm bigger than that. I think. At least I know whatever he writes won't be 1/10 as good as what I wrote. :)
  • Ok well im at work now and my day seems far different than it did half an hour ago. I got stuck behind a school bus AND a snowplow/salt truck, meaning they drive like freaking snails so I got stuck at EVERY light between my house and my office. Then I get a text from my best friend that she doesnt get off work until 6:30 the night of the party we were going to - party starts at 6 and I was really hoping to be out of there by 8 because of my husbands art stuff he needs to do. She wanted a ride but if we give her one we wont get there till 7 and its pretty lame to leave a party after an hour (not so much after two). Uuugh.
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  • Ah, well, that's different Manda.  Being a part of a base makes life a lot easier living abroad I think! :)

    I've just been perusing the book with all the hotels we get to choose from for a spa mini-moon.  I'm so stoked for this!
  • Brie, I love that pic of your kitty :)
  • Thanks, kate!  She usually does not take good pictures but I think this one is really cute.  She looks very earnest.
    two years!
    after two losses, now happily expecting baby #1 09.16.12
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_etiquette_crappy-morning?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:9Discussion:0fae39ff-69cb-4b6a-b0b1-431cb92dd2ecPost:a819d983-4b85-4905-9ec7-7147c887843a">Re: Crappy morning</a>:
    [QUOTE]It's going to be a long day for me.  I'm trying to catch up on work I missed weeks ago, but because of the time of year it's near impossible.  Add in that I have a bunch of issues with some of this stuff and need to talk to the people involved, but most of them think they shouldn't have to take time out of their day to talk to me and straighten it out.  I'll still be the one they cuss out, though, when their vendors don't get paid because they didn't wan to discuss the invoices with me.
    Posted by betrothed123[/QUOTE]

    That sounds EXACTLY like my day! :)
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  • Mine started with a crappy evening. We discovered our (portable) dishwasher leaks, if we don't shut the water feed off right after it runs. Discovered the source of that - the sprayer has a leak in it, so we have to replace that.

    I've had a raging headache for a couple of days; my back problem has flared up with all the slipping I've been doing on the ice and painting/housework.

    I've got to take minutes for a meeting over the lunch "hour" which is scheduled to run for an hour and a half and I'm dreading it because I don't have the attention span today.

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  • Geez Dani, your morning does stink!

    Just count down to the fun that will be tomorrow!
  • I'm having an okay day, except for the scorched morning oatmeal.  Ooops.  Oh, and I forgot my student ID so I can't log in and submit my assignment until tonight.  I did get it scanned, but it scanned slightly crooked.  Stupid copier.  How hard is it REALLY to suck in the paper straight?  Hmmmm?

    Tomorrow is going to be awesome though.  One of our contractors is taking us out for a team lunch, then the afternoon is the IT Christmas party.  We're going bowling.  It's always a ton of fun.

    AND I have Friday and Monday off so it's a thuper duper long weekend for me.  So, today is like Friday.  Almost.

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  • AC - That's so exciting!  Hope everything goes smoothly.

    My day's off to a pretty good start.  DH's best friend's wife had a baby girl this morning.  I am anxiously waiting to see pictures and hear when they pick a name.  My boss is out of town for the next week so I'm hoping to run out and pick up some stocking stuff for DH and find him an ornament today.
  • Every time I see Christmas ornaments now I say to myself "christmas ballllls", thanks Knot!
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  • NuggetBrainNuggetBrain member
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    I am waiting to hear back from my mom about my resume and cover letter, then I'm going to start applying to some jobs I've bookmarked on Monster over the last few days.  Also, Noodle checked his bank account this morning and found out he didn't get his bonus this paycheck, and usually they give it in the paycheck before Christmas.  Which really has me bummed out, because that was supposed to be for our honeymoon and without it, we don't get one.  So even though I know it's a totally unneeded trip, I'm still sad because it would have been the first time we'd gone on a real vacation together and my first time out of the US.

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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_etiquette_crappy-morning?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding BoardsForum:9Discussion:0fae39ff-69cb-4b6a-b0b1-431cb92dd2ecPost:cd127019-108d-4d8f-a082-c2d6ef5956f1">Re: Crappy morning</a>:
    [QUOTE]Every time I see Christmas ornaments now I say to myself "christmas ballllls", thanks Knot!
    Posted by danieliza1127[/QUOTE]

    Me too!!
  • [QUOTE]But hey, they left the tissues, which was nice of them I guess. The victim will at least be able to dry their tears!
    Posted by mandapanda78[/QUOTE]

    Bwahaha!  Well played, Manda. 

    Today is (hopefully) a short day.  I'm getting a questionable mole removed this afternoon, and I'm hoping I can finish enough work before then to justify not coming back to work after the appointment.  So here I am, knotting, which isn't getting me any closer to that goal.  ;-) 
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