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Evening wedding? Advice Needed!!

Alright I really need y'alls honest opinion here.  I have always pictured my wedding more towards the evening.  Around the time the sun is going down but not all the way dark of course.  Just so it has more of an elegant romantic feel to it.  My problem is my fiance says we are going to be rushed for pictures after wards fighting the little bit of sunlight that we have left.  I had planned to take as many pictures as we could before the actually ceremony aside from the ones of me and him together.  I really do not want him to see me before hand.  That is a special moment for me.  Either I have to move the wedding up and not have my evening wedding or let him see me before hand and get all of our pictures done then! Any advice?
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Re: Evening wedding? Advice Needed!!

  • I'm doing an evening wedding where the cereony is when it is light and the sun will start to set during dinner (we are having an outdoor reception on a mountain).  We are not seeing each other before but taking as many pics then as we can.  My photog has not made any reference for this being a problem.  I know you want the sun to set during the ceremony but maybe you can move it up just 30-45 minutes?  It will still be the evening but you will have just enough time for some pics after
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  • Have you considered doing a First Look where it is just the two of you and the photographer. It can still be a special moment.
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  • That is a good idea, maybe that would be okay! Has any one else done a First Look? Or planning to do one?
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  • I would also talk to a photographer about the ceremony location, etc.  Sunset shots are very, very difficult to take.
  • I am planning to do first look photo's. My photographer told us that if you wait for him to see the dress at the alter you normally wont get the response that you are looking for because he is nervous being in front of so many people and also worried that the cerimony is going to go well. So he can't focus on you. But the first look photos you dont have to worry about any thing it is kind of romantic just you and the groom and the photographer.
  • You have really put my mind at ease that you so much!  I think I am going to do it! I need to talk to my fiance first to make sure he likes it!  Thank you thank you THANK YOU! lol
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  • Thank you so much for posting this question! I am also planning on having the ceremony around sunset and didn't even think about it affecting photos. I love this First Look concept!! I am definitely going to suggest it to my fiance! Thanks guys! Laughing
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  • My wedding was at 4:30.  We did some bridal party preceremony pictures.  Then with the family and some alone after.  Then after dinner my photographer grabbed us for some quick sunset photos.  I think you just need to get a good photographer because he had everything planned out.  He just needed to insert us in the shots. 
  • Sunset shots are very difficult to take as sometimes they don't provide enough lighting for the shot. I'm also having a sunset wedding. You should also consider is how low the sun will be at the time of the ceremony. Will your guests be squinting into a setting sun, unable to see you and your groom? Consider starting the ceremony about 45 minutes before "sunset". That way the light will still be softer (i.e. romantic) and your guests wont miss anything because they can't see. Also, if you express your concerns about your pictures to your photographer, they should be able to put you at ease. If you stick with your plan of taking as many shots as you can before the ceremony (without him seeing you, of course) then you really should have plenty of time in between for the shots of you two together. Good luck and happy planning!
  • We are having a early evening wedding too.  I plan to do a "first look" picture and do all our pictures before the ceremony.  I also want to have a couple afterwards and while it will be darker out I'm sure your photographer will have an idea of how to get optimal pictures that have a dusky feel to them without being too dark.  Ask him/her and see what they can do.

    Don't compromise having a dusk wedding if that's what you want.  We are having outside lights strung up around the Gazebo and mason jars with candles lit.
  • I was just in a friends wedding and they did the "first look" it was a little awkward. Then after the ceremony everyone was asking why we weren't taking pictures. Pretty much everyone we told didn't like the idea of it. Were pretty shocked he saw the bride before the wedding.
  • First looks are becoming much more common and a lot of brides have come back and said they are so glad they did it b/c it made things easier schedule-wise, but also soothed their nerves and was a great moment for the two of them. 

    That being said, I am not doing a first look.  Thought about it for about 2 seconds but my FI was also very against it...he's set on seeing me for the first time when I am walking down the aisle, and that's fine with me. 

    We are having our ceremony before sunset, and that's fine with me as well!

    I think it's a decision of what's best for you and your FI personally...but either way, you should definitely talk to your photographer and see what he/she says about the timing and lighting issue.
  • Any photography worth her salt will know how to take awesome pictures even in low light :)
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