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April 2011 Weddings

And it is Monday again....

Hi ladies.

Short week for me here.  Taking Friday off.  Need to pack my office and other assorted departmet files on Thursday (we are moving into a brand new office building that they just finished at the plant - it is GORGEOUS - and that is not something you hear at a heavy industrial plant very often!).

It looks like we might get hit with some snow finally this week.  Not what I was hoping - could be a doozy.

Hope you all had great weekends and that the week is off to a great start for each of you!
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Re: And it is Monday again....

  • good morning K. watching the news this morning, more coverage of the newtown situation, just makes me super sad. the whole thing is so unthinkable!
    this weekend we had a lot of distractions, we went to a little beach town for some shopping/sightseeing. it was cute, very christmas-y. we also rented a whole pack of movies. i think the best of the bunch was ruby sparks, i thought that one was clever.
    today i have some errands to run along with work. i'm also going to make some skinny mac and cheese to go with the ham that liam's work gave him for christmas. yum!
    hard to believe how close christmas is. we are driving to my parents' house on friday!
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  • K- It's always fun moving to a new location to work and by the sounds of it it is a cool building! Have fun on your short week!

    Lisa- Your weekend sounded nice and relaxing! It is too sad about the Sandy Hook Tragedy. I think the name "Sandy" should be banned from use from here on forward. That name has a bad track record this year.

    My weekend wasn't too horrible, I hurt my lower back though and I've been in constant pain for the last week now. I guess I'm just not as spry anymore and the constant bending, lifting and standing at YC is taking it's toll on my back.
    I work tonight, Thurs and Fri at YC and we don't close until 11pm. I'm going to be a zombie this week at my regular job since I will probably have less than 4 hours sleep in-between jobs. I can't wait for Christmas to be over with so I can stop working so much and start getting healthy and in shape again!
    P is off today so he placed an order for our Christmas duck dinner with the local butcher. Now I just have to find a good recipe for us. My parents are going to meet my brother's fiancee's parents for the first time so it will be just P and I for Christmas which will be much less stressful!
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  • Good Morning!

    Weekend was good. Went grocery shopping, got the last of the gifts wrapped, and had our parents over for dinner. It was a rainy weekend, so it was nice to spend some time watching tv snuggled up in our blankets too. I was watching the news while getting ready today, and almost cried. So sad to see images of the children that passed, and to hear stories of the terrifying moment.

    K- Woohoo for a short work week and moving into a nice new office! Sending warm thoughts your wayCool
    Lisa- Sounds like a nice & relaxing weekend. Enjoy your homemade mac n cheese dinner :)
    Ashley- I hope your back gets better quickly and that this week flies by for you. Woohoo for not having to deal with all the extra stress this Christmas.
  • Ash--  I've been making lots of duck after alex's hunting exploits at thanksgiving.  We did duck quesadillas which were super tasty.  And another night I did a port butter sauce over duck breasts with a manchego/fontina risotto - so tasty!
  • Oh man Sarah "a port butter sauce over duck breasts with a manchego/fontina risotto - so tasty! " this sounds Awesome! I wish I could ask you for the recipe but I know I would never be able to make it with P's cheese problem. :(

    This litterally made my mouth water!
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  • edited December 2012
    you could do it with a different side instead of the risotto...  or for only two of you, you'd only need about 1/2 cup of cheese.  and about 4 tablespoons of butter for the sauce....  

    i totally get adapting recipes for different tastes....  i hate that im starting to not be able to have things that are heavy on dairy - no more alfredo sauce for me, and i have to limit my mac and cheese....  
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