Wedding Recap........with pics........

We are calling it the "saga of our wedding week"......this will be Loooong. I'll do a separate vendor grading post another day.

It all started last Tuesday when my son, who lives in DC, couldn't make his plane home because of the earthquake and cancellation of metro train service. Took an hour of my time to get him on a flight for Wednesday, and thankfully he arrived Wednesday.

Had pedis/manis/facials at Margot's in B'ham (due to a gift cert from my boss) on Wednesday. Feeling good....

Wed morning picked up our white asiatic lillies, white vendela roses and baby's breath from Costco for our centerpieces. LOVELY flowers, made great centerpieces. Sadly, have to wait for the pro pics as I didn't get any, LOL.

Thursday the 20 piece white rose Costco package arrived. I urge anyone trying to save money to order this for $399. The bouquets, bouts and corsages are absolutely lovely. You'll see some in the pics. They are still gorgeous even now.

Friday was the rehearsal at Greenmead and dinner at Eastside Mario's in Livonia. We had the room that is set apart from the rest of the restaurant....it's a great place for a rehearsal dinner. We planned on 40, I think ended up with about 35. Food was excellent.

Wedding Saturday: Gorgeous, sunny day. I couldn't help but feel guilty about this with all the east coast brides rained out due to Hurricane Irene. Deux Adore did our makeup and hair, wonderful job. Limo arrived around 3 pm as we were having a "first look" and group pics done before the ceremony. I strongly recommend doing a first look, I was not nervous AT ALL after having seen Kevin all dressed up, and doing pictures.

The ceremony was so lovely. I love Greenmead, the ladies that work there are fabulous, help to keep things moving. My Dad was so emotional all day, plus he gets teary when he is stressed or tired.....was hard to tell what he was thinking, LOL.

The reception was everything I dreamed it would be. After spending 18 months planning this, getting all the stuff (some I didn't even use, LOL), all the DIY, I was so pleased with the work that Jill from Simplicity DOC did. She only had 2 hrs in the venue beforehand, but it was all set up and ready for us, LOL.

The food was FABULOUS! I still, a few days later, am getting rave reviews from guests. I've been to countless weddings, but I do have to say my food was the best. If you can hire a caterer from outside your venue, go for Holiday Market's catering services. We decided to get Bates Burgers and fries for the late night snack (after our ice cream sundae bar), and it was a surprise to everyone including Kevin. Holiday's staff picked it up,and served it in a very classy way.

We have so many leftovers, LOL. We are still eating them.

Then, we came down to earth Sunday. We all spent the night in a hotel Saturday, relaxed a while, then returned home. Around 5 pm my daughter came upstairs when the Tiger game was over......... we were going to open gifts then. She had a serious pain under her breastbone, and after realizing this was not "normal" we took her to the ER. She had a vicious gall bladder attack, was admitted, had her gall bladder out yesterday, and came home today. It's rare for a 16 y/o, but not unheard of. She is doing much better today, but this is the first day things seem back to somewhat normal. I had to beg off a business trip today with a meeting tomorrow, I'll attend telephonically. Thankfully I have a wonderful employer coworkers and this is not a big deal. They totally understand.

In the ER I turned to Kevin and said "Well, it's been a day, and I guess this is the "worse" and "in sickness" part", LOL. 

Some pics

My 84 y/o Dad and I in the back of the limo. This is the dress I made.

My daughter and MOH (her bolero is the same pattern as mine)

My 84 y/o dad and my son......the "Blues Brothers" (I love that they did this)

Entire wedding party (Kevin holding his granddaughter the flower girl, ring bearer on the left in his grandpa's arms (Kevin's brother) 

My parents, my kids and us.

Re: Wedding Recap........with pics........

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    Congrats, Sue!!!!! Beau-tiful pictures!!!!!!!!
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  • emarston1emarston1 member
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    Oh my gosh Sue!!  That is quite the week!  I'm glad to hear your daughter is doing better.

    You looked beautiful and your dress turned out fantastic (including your bolero!)  I'm still in awe of your DIY abilities.  Congratulations!
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    What a crazy week!  I hope your daughter continues to feel better, and am so glad she made it through your wedding ok!

    Now...onto the wedding: everything looks gorgeous!  I was actually thinking about you on Saturday when we had such great weather!  Congratulations!
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    Wow! That was a busy wedding week! But I had my GDGB (gosh damn gall bladder - FI's term) out when I was 19, so I know how she feels! But you got through your first family emergency as husband and wife! You looked gorgeous and you have a beautiful family!
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  • sheshedukeshesheduke member
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    OMG Sue so happy everything turned out FAB! I love that you were thinking about the ladies on the East Coast that just goes to show how sweet you really really are. So glad your daughter is doing better. Congrats Mrs. and I love the pics your dad is a hottie!
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    Wow, crazy week for you Sue! So glad to hear your daughter is doing well.

    I love your wedding pictures, everything looks beautiful.  Congratulations!!!!
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    You looked so beautiful Sue!!  Very very pretty and I love your dress.  I'm glad you had an amazing day!

    And...glad to hear your daughter is ok.  Scary! 
  • matuofmmatuofm member
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    I'm so glad that your daughter is doing better, Sue.  I can't wait to see all the pro pics with the details of your amazing DIY skills.  Congrats!
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  • Meegles4Meegles4 member
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    You look gorgeous! Love the photos and love your daughter's bolero! I'm so glad your daughter is feeling better. What a scare!
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  • jhawthorne85jhawthorne85 member
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    You Looked amazing! I have been stalking theknot to see your pictures since sunday! Im so happy you had a fantatsic day. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, and I hope a speedy recovery for her!! Can't wait to see more pics and vendor reviews. Your pictures look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! congrats!
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  • missmelanie81missmelanie81 member
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    Awe!!! You look beautiful and Im glad it turned out great. Im sorry about your daughter though :-/
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    Congrats! How beautiful!!
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    I was waiting for your post!!! Congratulations!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day - the smiles and happiness radiating from the pictures proves it! Glad to hear your daughter is doing better - what a whirlwind weekend!
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    Wow Sue! Everything came out really great.  I am totally impressed that you made your dress..it is really beautiful!

    Sorry to hear about your daughter - I guess it is really lucky you did not book your honeymoon until later!  She will be just fine, the first week after the surgery is the worse.  I had the same surgery 4 years ago and read the entire Harry Potter series that week! Lol.  She'll be feeling better in no time.  
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  • larzhopelarzhope member
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    congratulations Sue!! you looked so beautiful and it sounds like everything turned out great.

    Hope your daughter is recovering well!
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    Your wedding sounds amazing!! Congrats!!!

    Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!!
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  • MMRoberts11MMRoberts11 member
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    I was waiting for the recap post.  I hope your daughter continues to get better.  Also, you looked BEAUTIFUL and the wedding sounds amazing!  Congrats Sue.

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    Love the pics!  Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!
  • Thumper1148Thumper1148 member
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    Congrats!  You looked beautiful!!

    Glad to hear that your daughter is doing better!
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    Congrats on the wedding Sue. You looked amazing!!!!! Im glad your daughter is feeling better. 
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    Congratulations!! Everything looked gorgeous! :)
  • bee&beebee&bee member
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    awee...congrats Sue-N-Kevin!!!
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    Wow! Congrats! 
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    Congrats! Your dress turned out so beautifully! So glad you had a wonderful wedding day!
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    Sue! You looked gorgeous. Congrats! Glad to hear your daughter is ok. :)
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    Date twin you looked amazing and I'm glad you had a beautiful day and really glad your daughter is ok?
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