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July 2010 Weddings


We registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, and Macy's today- all under 5 hrs, thanks to my dutiful research. It was kind of a bummer because we couldn't register for bedding due to season changes, but that is the only thing left on our registering list! YES!

I highly recommend all three places. A consultant tagged along at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but since I knew what we needed, she was very helpful with suggestions, etc. Macy's was more free reign and I had no idea places give free gifts for registering! The women at Crate and Barrel are so helpful and we love everything we registered for! Those that register at Crate and Barrel also receive a free gift. All in all, it was a very productive day.
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Re: YES!

  • Oo sounds like alot of fun! Unfornately FI doesn't want to register cause he believes people should have no obligation to get you something you already saw and wanted. I don't quite get it..but it was in a negotion comprimise we made, haha. I think I can get him to change his mind though =)
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  • Just ask him- would he rather receive a strange ceramic mouse statue from his aunt that will undoubtedly love just because he loves his aunt...or some grill accessories that he really wants?

    Also- I kind of see his POV. When it comes down to it, registries are tacky. You tell people what you want. But, loved ones usually want to give you what you want! I know my family asks me what I want for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Registries are an easier way of doing this. I'm sure your FI made a list for Santa when he was younger and "Santa" fulfilled some of his wishes. That is how I see a registry!
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  • So glad to hear that you had good a good registering experience. I think we're going to register at BB&B and C&B...I'm both looking forward and not looking forward to the registering process. How did you decide what to register for at which place?
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  • Congrats on the registry!  We just did one online for pampered chef and are planning on doing C&B and macy's also.  I'm glad to hear they were good picks :)
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  • That's where we're planning on registering too :) Sounds awesome, I'm glad everything went smoothly!
  • We registered yesterday too at bed bath and beyond and macys. It took us a long time just going through everything. I am so happy that it is finally done. It was a great experience at both!!!
  • Glad to hear everything went smooth!

    Quick Question how long before the wedding should we register??
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  • lburkey- I am really into cooking, so I wanted to research pots and pans, etc. We are not registering for china because we have my grandma's, but I wanted to find nice everyday dinnerware that could be dressed up. I have heard horror stories about dinnerware that people register for, where it looks pretty but cracks in the dishwasher even if it is supposedly "dishwasher safe." I read reviews for everyyyyything!

    So after reading reviews, I figured out where we should register for these bigger items. Then, I organized the rest of our registry list. So, since I liked Crate and Barrel's dinnerware best, that is where we picked out the rest of our tableware, serving pieces, flatware, etc. I settled on the Analon pans and we like the quality of bedding and bath towels at Macy's, so that is where we are doing all of that stuff. Bed, Bath, and Beyond has great prices and tons of cool stuff, so we registered for all of the small appliances, gadgets, etc there. Hope that helps!

    Bradley- It's up to you when you register, but make sure to be registered at least a month before your shower so guests can shop at their leisure. Be careful when registering for certain items, like bedding, since products rotate seasonally. Some items that are available now go out of season and may not be available to purchase for our weddings in July.
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  • idat07 --- It cracks me up that your FI thinks that because I feel the SAME way about showers!! I think it is so fake and odd to open up gifts, have the people surrounding you eager to one up the other one with a cooler gift, and then you act surprise/overjoyed/grateful to see something you MADE that person buy for you!!!

    Here's what someome told me:

    Do not deny yourself gifts, you will LOVE it when all that stuff is in your kitchen/bathroom/bedroom!!!

    Maybe it would help if you went that route!!!

    bradley21-- someone told me to register before the first invitation for your first shower reaches the guests.

    great tips mandybear!! Thanks!
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