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Unique Last Name Dilema

Long story short....

My fiance wants to change his last name to his mothers maiden name. I will be taking his mothers maiden name once we are married (and keeping my last name as my middle name).

We talked about when he should change his last name. I thought it would be neat if we changed our last names together, once we were married. He agreed to that idea.

I am wondering if this will cause any problems as far as the marriage license, invitations, announcements, etc.

Does anyone have an words of wisdom on this? I have looked all over for a situation even close to this and I can't find anything. TIA!

Re: Unique Last Name Dilema

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    Ask Danielle (drfabio) on here, her FI and her are changing their names together.

    For our marriage license, we just put what I wanted for my new name without any problems. I was going to put my last name as my middle name but decided against it at the last minute.

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  • juliels53juliels53 member
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    When applying for the marriage license you get to decide what your new names are going to be after. They don't care if they're completely different, or just a new name for the bride. It's included in the cost of the license so you might as well wait to do it then, otherwise he'd have to pay to change it before hand. HTH!

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  • drdifabiodrdifabio member
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    Yep we are both changing our last names together...bit different from you though as we are creating a brand new last name by combining both our last names to make a new one.

    I talked to a few different people and from the sounds of it you want to go to Anoka County to get your marriage licence and on the form there is just a place to fill out your new last name. Here is the website that has a link to the form if you want to take a look at it: http://www.co.anoka.mn.us/v1_departments/div-governmental-services/dept-license-bureau/getting-married.asp

    I was told that that county is the best one to go to as they are the most flexible about changing your name. I called and they said yes, it wouldn't be a problem as this life event is what can constitute a name change.

    Let me know if you have any other questions and I would be happy to try to help!

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    Thank you so much for the help!

    How are you planning on handling the invites? Will you include the new last name on the invite so there isn't any confusion at the ceremony?
  • drdifabiodrdifabio member
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    No - Invites include past names. We are first of all kinda passing the word along by word of mouth on what were doing as it is uncommon. Second, we are putting a note in our program about Our New Last Name. That way when we are introduced people wont wonder what he called us :). Other than that, I dont see any other source of confusion. Where do you think people will be confused?

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    Oh, I was only worried about confusion when we are announced Mr and Mrs xxx. I don't want people looking at each other confused. Like what did he just call them?? I think putting the announcement in the program is a great idea!

    Thanks so much for your help!
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