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February 2011 Weddings

What are your colors/flowers?

As of now, the only thing i know for sure is that my BM's are wearing brown dresses. I liked the idea of red daisies, but i don't know what to pair them with. I've changed my mind a billion times and i'm wondering what everyone else is doing for their colors and flowers for a February wedding.

Re: What are your colors/flowers?

  • Hi
    I have one attendant and she is wearing a Periwinkle blue dress and she will be carrying a bouquet of Blue Hydrangeas. 
  • My girls will be wearing lapis.  My colors are dark purple & green.  I think the girls will carry white flowers, right now I'm thinking hydrangeas.  But I can't make up my mind either about the flowers!!!
  • my colors are black and silver w/ a little burgundy thrown in...no clue what i'm doing for flowers... i know i know, not much help, but thought i'd share the colors :)
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  • Our colors are plain ol' black and white. Little bit of silver. Originally, I had wanted Robin's Egg Blue and Red, but FI wasn't going for it :o)
  • My colors are black, white, and red... I'm trying not to go for a red roses because of the cost... but might end up with them cuz they're so pretty:) My bridesmaids dresses will be red and they will carry white bouquets similar to this one...

  • Our colors are navy blue and silver.  Our  primary flowers are white hydrangeas and roses.  Thats as far as we have gotten so far.  We will have some tall centerpieces with branches with hanging votives to match the winter theme...since we're getting married in CT and it will be cooooold! :)  
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  • our colors are lilac and silver and we are doing a whole bunch of flowers mixed in- i should say purple flowers and we are mixing them with white roses
  • I am doing Slate grey, Deep Pink, Blush, and Ivory accents.

    For flowers, all roses in different ivorys and shades of pink. Also white and pink hydrangeas
  • aqua & peach for colors... no flowers! Doing brooch bouqets and centerpieces are to be determined. =)
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  • we are going with Grape purple and Sage green accents. Using hydrengea, spider mums, and maybe orchids if they are available.
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  • My bridesmaids are wearing brown as well. I'm using a lot of natural twisty branches in my decor along with creamy ivory flowers. My girls' bouquets will either be sprays of pussy willows, or something like chocolate brown calla lillies/chocolate cosmos. My own bouquet will be a nice big bundle of lunaria (http://www.camerantics.org.uk/wallpapers/lunaria.jpg). My other wedding colour is robin's egg blue, but I'll be bringing that in with ribbon and other non-floral accents here and there in the reception decor.
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  • I'm doing a mocha color for bridesmaid dresses with some bright color flowers to hopefully put a little spring color into the winter wedding. No idea what flowers yet though!
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  • Our colors are navy blue, silver, lavender and gold.

    My bouquet is mostly lavender roses with some white roses and white freesia, and my bridesmaids will be carrying mostly white roses with some lavender roses and purple stock.

    My centerpieces are pretty light on the flower side in order to save money. I almost didn't do floral centerpieces but I decided to anyway since we got a pretty good deal ($600 for all the flowers) The centerpieces are going to be low, square vases filled with entirely lavender roses. As you can see, I absolutely LOVE roses.
  • My colors are Navy blue, silver and black.  My flowers will probably be lillies, orchids, hydranga, roses, and blue delphinum (not spelled correctly....LOL)  Not sure what I am doing for center pieces but b/c we are leaving the oil lamps on guest tables it will probably be some type of wreath around the lamps. 
  • We've gone between a bunch of colors, but (I think) have finally decided on Ivory, Black, and Red. I really want roses and calla lillies, either ivory roses with red calla lillie or red roses with ivory calla lillies. I'll probably be the only one with both roses and calla lillies, just the calla lillies for the rest of the bridal party.
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  • out them is rustic elegents on a ski moutain. our colors will be chocolate brown,ivory, with gold accents. for flowers we will be using off white calla lillies only in glass bark vases and a whole bunch of birch candles(mini birch logs with tealights in them) my moh will be wearing a choclate brown dress, my two flower girls and jr bridesmaid will be wearing custom dresses with brown and white damaskprint top/ivory silk bottom halter dresses by fattiepie on etsy.com . 
  • We have decided to do a vintage winter walk in the city... We are using a lot of vintage brooches.... our colors are graphite gray... ivory... and a little cornflower blue... The bridesmaids are all in gray...
    Flowers... my planner is an amazing florist... we will be using cabbage roses... hydrangeas... and anything with a lot of texture... if we can get peonies we will be using them... she will paint anything ivory or even gray or blue if we request!  
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  • Everything sounds so beautiful! If only I could make up my mind..
  • My colors are wisteria and clover (lgt. purple and green).  My flowers are going to be a variety of shades of purples with green accents.  My bouquet will also have white tulips with the purples and greens.
  • I am doing a jade dress with chocolate brown and gold as my accent colors.  I am pulling in peacock feathers as an accent.  My bouquets are going to be white, cream, champagne colored flowers with peacock feathers as an accent.  For the reception, I am not doing flowers at all.  I am doing centerpieces the same colors (jade, brown and gold) made of 2 peacock feathers, 2 balls covered in peacock feathers, brown berries, and these floofy blue branches.  They are funky yet elegant.  and VERY cheap. We bought everything at Hobby Lobby.
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