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I was reading the thread about introducing ourselves and I had to write you....

I am a huuuuugggeeeee Texas Longhorns fan so I LOVE your colors, lol!  Brent is a die-hard Nebraska fan so I'm sure you know that the past few years have been really tense in our household, lol.  I remember watching the Big 12 Championship while we were in Times Square and with 1 second left on the clock.....we took it!  Brent was fuming sooooo hard....but he let me have my happy moment.

I must admit, Nebraska leaving the Big 12 was THE best thing evarrrrr to happen to both of us.  As I'm sure you know, those Nebraska fans are a tad on the craaaazzyyy side...j/k...well not really!  I will never again have to spend 2 Saturday's a year away from one another and hardly speaking for a few days after ;)  Honestly, it was a glory-filled day for me when I heard they were leaving.  Like seriously, I was cheering and woot wooting all day long, lol. 

Oklahoma is a force to be reckoned with though....this season should be interesting for both of us.  Well hell, anything better than what TX did last season will be a huge relief to me....awful season, absolutely friggin awful!  You and I should have some good threads back n forth this Fall :)

Ohhh and Brent doesn't know this yet, but I am totally going to freak him out a little bit b/c my garter is going to be a TX Longhorns garter....he is gonna die!  But hey, I am making his Groom's cake a giant corn cob for his beloved Nebraska so this works out. 

Maybe you could do a Oklahoma cake for your FI....I'm sure the entire family would appreciate that ;)

GO BIG 12!!!!!


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    Ha! Telling the soon-to-be FIL & groomsmen that a longhorn fan *loves* our colors is just going to thrill them, I'm sure!  Of course, no one can say too much since the sister of the groom is actually in grad school now at UT.

    I find it incredibly funny to find another Big 12 fan on this of all forums!  OBX is not exactly a hotspot for those with ties to the central US -- of course, it had to be a Texas fan. ;)

    I'm actually a bit nervous going into this next season or any season where OU is expected to be one of the top ranked in the nation. I have to admit, it was kind of fun to be here in Norman and watch Texas implode this past year, so we'll see what karma has in store for us this fall!  I also have no idea how this new round-robin schedule is going to play out now that certain teams (cough, nebraska, cough) have gone off to find "greener pastures" (seriously, good luck getting attention and more media play in the Big 10 with Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State already there). 

    I hope you guys get pictures of Brent's reaction when he notices the the burnt orange color and longhorn logo on the garter -- I'm sure it will be priceless!

    Oh, just an FYI, I actually sent you a PM yesterday about a totally different subject...
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    I know right.....and obx forum with Big 12 fans.

    And yes, Nebraska has another thing coming to them if they think they are going to take over "Legends and Leaders' or whatever the eff they are calling themselves, which I too think is lame, lol.

    I hate to say this, but I secretly want them to jerk a knot in Nebraska and put them in their place. (Dear God, please don't let Brent's family EVER see this, lmao)

    Ummmmm yeaaaa....let's not talk about TX's shiit-storm season last year.  Sad, sad times for us :(

    Ohhh and I will make SURE the photographer gets that shot....good thing I have two of them ;)

    I pm'd you back


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