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April 2011 Weddings

Nov 15-30 Siggy Ch is......

Favorite Thanksgiving Food! With its landslide win (lol)

Re: Nov 15-30 Siggy Ch is......

  • My picture is not of food because is so hard to just pick one. But boy what I would do for a pumpkin roll Yummmyy! This year I'm making it myself :-)

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  • I don't have a picture in my signature b/c I don't understand why we have to and I don't know how to do it anyways!  But my answer is STUFFING, Yummmmm!!!!
  • You don't have to. A pic is just a way to remember the knottie by. Let's say Orcid had a question or a project that I wanted to comment on but the post was from a while back or DD'ed I can just say "name the knottie with the pumpkin roll pic". It's also a getting to know you thing for the board and get conversations started. To post a pic here's the code you put under the signature in your profile. [img]URLHere[/img] hope that helps!
  • code is: [img*]URLHere[/img*] take out the *
  • Daisy,
    I have step by step on how to do certain things in my bio under "The knottie Guide". You can also email me and I can walk you through it. Is simple to learn and its something that is good to know just incase you want to add a picture to your siggy like me and other knotties have it. Or like if you want an opinion on a dress or something you can just post the pic and we can see it. My email is garciapamelita at yahoo dot com if you want any help.

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    Anniversary BabyFruit Ticker ~Pamela&Steven~6.25.2011~PuntaCana,DR~ image
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