Reception Lighting?

So the venue we have booked has pretty plain walls so we were thinking about possibly doing some uplighting around the room with different shades of purple since those are our wedding colors to make it a little warmer and more inviting.  Does anyone have any recs on budget friendly vendors to use?  

Re: Reception Lighting?

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    Mike from Music in Motion

    We are using him & he has been great to work with!!!
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    music in motion is great if hes ur dj if not its super expensive.... we are using ct party pros for uplighting... starting package is 800.00 i believe!
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    [QUOTE]Mike from Music in Motion <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> We are using him & he has been great to work with!!!
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    loooooved our uplighting from music in motion...i have pictures in my married bio
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    We used Brian Nicks Productions out of Longmeadow, MA.  He was wonderful!!!  We were planning on using a different company but then 2 months before the wedding they were impossible to get a hold of and wanted us to purchase some of the items we wanted (and they said they had available to rent) so we scrapped them and found Brian!  He was amazing!!!  Our price for basic pink lights was $540 for 18 lights.  Like I said they were basic, stayed on all night & didn't change... but they made our room look amazing!!!!!!
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    This definitely sounds like what we are looking for (especially price wise!!) .  I don't care about the lights changing or anything like that.  Just want to add a little bit of warmth and depth to the room instead of plain beige walls.  Thanks for the rec!  I will send him an email and try to find out some more information!
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