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How soon before should I have a reception site picked out?

Just trying to win an argument.
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Re: How soon before should I have a reception site picked out?

  • Me and FI got engaged in September 2011 and booked our reception hall in October for an August 2013 wedding. It honestly depends on if you have a specific date/location in mind. If so, i would book it right away so you can have it set and you also get that years rate.
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    [QUOTE]Just trying to win an argument.
    Posted by ateague1985[/QUOTE]
    Depends on when your wedding is.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_chit-chat_how-soon-before-should-i-have-a-reception-site-picked-out?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding BoardsForum:14Discussion:392930f0-1adc-4707-a5b2-80c0f8a5817aPost:6d4137ff-f74b-4191-97be-2e75d11eff27">Re: How soon before should I have a reception site picked out?</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to How soon before should I have a reception site picked out? : Depends on when your wedding is.
    Posted by crash2729[/QUOTE]

    Our wedding is October 13th and we haven't picked a place yet (long story lol) but my darling fiance doesn't see the rush.
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  • ...Maybe you should move along the planning without him. 
  • I booked my reception site 15 months before my wedding date.
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    I'd say as soon as you have a date, know where you want the wedding/reception to be, and have the money for the deposit. If you have all that there is no point in waiting, and you may lose it to someone else.  My first pick venue was booked, I asked when the other couple had booked it, and they said year and a half ago, this was 9 months before the date we were trying to reserve... so they had booked it over 2 years in advance.  That seemed extreme to me, but hey, they're getting married/parting exactly where they want.

    ETA: I see you're wedding is Oct 13th, ours is Oct 5th, I'd be a bit worried if we didn't have our venue and major vendors booked yet. Not extremely worried but... I'd say its time to just start setting up places to look at and let him know when and where the appointment is.
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  • We want to have an April 2014 wedding and just started looking at venues with the hopes of booking one by summers end.  Venues can book up quickly. My girlfriends who are all married said that they had to go with their second choices because their venues booked up super quick.
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    I think it depends on if you are wanting a more popular reception site and if you are getting married during a peak wedding time like summer.  I got engaged in November, and in December booked my ceremony/reception site for this Aug, so 9 months prior.  FYI at the time I booked in Dec it was the only weekend they had left in Aug.
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  • We booked our venue a year and a half in advanced (we are getting married this June), and we did not get our original date, we took the following weekend.  My FBIL and his fiance just booked thier venue this week, and they are getting married in October 2013.
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    me and my fiance just picked a place nd we've only been engaged for  few weeks.  But like everyone has said if you want a specific date i would look now, which is what we wanted for 2013.  but you have a few months left and have to start sending out your invitations so you really should start looking.  unless your going for  a very simple wedding

  • We picked out venue in July 2011 for November 2102.
    Dpending on your area and vendors you want, I would get moving.
  • Our engagement was only six months, so we had to do everything pretty quickly. I think we had our venue booked at about 5 months out.
  • lyndausvilyndausvi Western Slope, Colorado mod
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    You can plan a wedding in only a few months.  Problem is you will have to make compromises because a lot of things might be booked already.   Is he aware of that?

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • We booked ours just over 10 months in advance, we were flexible with the date and would have liked April but had to do March since April was already booked. I'd start looking ASAP!

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  • We booked in January for our September wedding.  We did our guest list first though, and only looked at venues that would accomodate our guest list.  When we started looking in January, there were probably 3 or 4 out of 10 locations that were already booked.
  • It depends on where you're getting married, what day you want to get married,  if the reception venues are very popular and when halls allow you to begin booking for a certain year.

    When i got engaged, there was only one venue I really wanted to use, we got engaged December 2011, and are getting married April 2013. When i contacted the hall the coordinator told me that they dont start taking bookings for 2013 till Jan 5th 2012 but they do book up VERY QUICKLY. So I contacted her on the 5th of January.

    I was talking to her again on Friday and she had told me that every spring/summer saturday for 2013 has already been boked and most for the fall as well.

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  • I say as soon as possible. If you can (have all the necessary variables like look, feel, price, date and guest list), then start looking. As soon as you see something you love, book it. I booked my venue in April for my November wedding and I didn't get the date FI wanted. I got my oringinal date though (which is very special to me), so we got lucky.
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  • I agree with PP's... how did you pick the date without picking a venue? I am getting married on October 6 and my venue was booked a year in advance. I'm confused as to how you have a date set (5 months out) and don't have a venue or anything else booked. Do you have a few different venues in mind? If I were you, I'd book it today. Otherwise, you'll run the risk of not getting your date or not getting a venue (or your desired venue).
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  • Depends on if your wedding is this year or 2013. We got engaged March of this year and we have our venue booked for June of 2013. The original date we wanted for next June was already booked so we had to choose on a different day.

    Some venues book fast. 
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