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Rhode Island

How about a poll?

I am procrasinating from finishing a paper for grad school so I thought I put this together.

When did you get engaged?
Proposal story?
What's your wedding date?
Why did you pick that day?
Biggest check you've accomplished so far?

Re: How about a poll?

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    When did you get engaged? We got engaged last February, 2/16/09

    Proposal story?We go to E&O Taproom pretty frequently. They have a guest bartending gig that happens every Monday night. FI and I were up. We were planning on going to San Francisco the next day. My college roommate was down from Boston. Around 11:30, he hopped up on top of the bar and proposed with a bunch of our friends (and strangers) cheering us on. He even got a bottle of the beer we met over to personalize it even more. It's impressive because the closest place they sell that beer is Chicago.

    What's your wedding date? 10.1.10

    Why did you pick that day?I always though I was going to get married in the summer on the beach but once I realized that FI sweats when it hits 65 degrees, I realized I couldn't do that to him. We like the fall. We originally were thinking of 10.10.10, but Linden Place was booked and 10.1.10 is pretty cool too. We wanted a Friday or Sunday to save some $$

    Biggest check you've accomplished so far? I bought my dress and it came in. I still need to go see it. But I am excited to see it. And for those that know about my "love" of fancy dresses, it is quite the check! Next up, finalizing my invitation proofs!
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    ah procrastinating on  a paper....a girl after my own heart. i should be writing my dissertation right now....but there's always wedding stuff to procrastinate with. =)

    When did you get engaged? September 7, 2008

    Proposal story? We got engaged in DisneyWorld while we were there for a friend's wedding. He had told me all week that his mom made us reservations and wanted to treat us to dinner during our trip, but she wouldn't tell us where. We called her the night before the reservation to find out where we were eating and it was at Cinderella's Royal Table which is the restaurant in Cinderella's Castle. I didn't even know there was a restaurant there so I was excited. We spent the afternoon in the Magic Kingdom and went to our dinner reservation at the castle, took a photo with Cinderella and got seated near the stained glass window overlooking Fantasyland. I was just excited to eat non-fast food. We ordered our three course meal and after eating the appetizer and entree, the waitress brough out a platter and lifted the top off-I thought it was just the dessert, but it was a glass slipper surrounded by rose petals holding my ring wrapped around a rose bud. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him while a photographer took photos and the whole restaurant looked on. I was so incredibly surprised and happy. Disney was already a special place but has become an even more special place for us-we even went back a few months later to tour places for our wedding but decided that Disney in the summer wasn't the best idea.

    What's your wedding date? 6/28/10

    Why did you pick that day? Because we were really close to booking a Disney wedding-we knew we were going to do a Monday wedding because the venue that we wanted was only available on that day-the Atlantic Dance Hall. We didn't mind that it was a weekday and none of our close family/friends did either since our wedding was going to be a vacation for everyone anyway.

    Biggest check you've accomplished so far? I think the biggest check has been paying off almost all of the vendors. It's nice to not have to worry about the money aspect anymore.
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    When did you get engaged? May 19, 2007
    Proposal story? He had my cousin Madison (who was four) ask me to marry him during a game of hide and seek.
    What's your wedding date? June 26, 2010
    Why did you pick that day? Five year anniversary of our first kiss, and because it's right in the middle of our birthdays.
    Biggest check you've accomplished so far? All of them. I just have small stuff to deal with now!
    Loss of twin A at 19 weeks 12/7/2010: Mateus, you are never forgotten


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    When did you get engaged? Feb.7, 2009
    Proposal story? shortened version: FI decided to cut us up some cheese and crackers. Screamed that he cut his hand(which he did not), when I went to check on him he opened his hand and instead of seeing blood my ring was there. Perfect since it's another joke to add to the list that he's pulled on me.
    What's your wedding date? September 4, 2010
    Why did you pick that day? FI parents were married on Labor Day weekend and he wanted to do the same. He also wanted a Sat. My request that it would be either very late summer or fall since I did not want to freeze or roast in the sun. Worked out perfectly.
    Biggest check you've accomplished so far? We have saved enough of our pennies to be able to pay for the entire wedding without credit cards!
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    When did you get engaged? (Saturday) March 7, 2009

    Proposal story? We were driving to URI to see a basketball game and since it was so nice out, he decided to go out of the way to Galilee beach before we got to the game. Galilee is where we spent part of our first date so it's special to us. He started talking serious about life and how much he loved me (at that point I knew something was coming)...he opened his coat pocket, pulled out a ring box, got down on one knee (in the exact spot we sat on 8/4/06) and proposed :-) Ah, it's fun to relive that moment!!! Obviously I said yes and cried countless tears of happiness!

    What's your wedding date? (Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend) May 29, 2011

    Why did you pick that day? We wanted May 7 at first, but then realized a long weekend is great for many reasons. Plus, his parents got married in the same church on Memorial Day weekend (30 years ago from the weekend we'll be getting married).

    Biggest check you've accomplished so far? We've booked every major vendor (except for transportation) with more than a year to go which enabled us to have our top picks in all the categories, and have been steadily saving ever since (not an easy task at all!).
    Happily Married!! 5.29.11 was THE best day of our lives!

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    When did you get engaged? May 19, 2009

    Proposal story? We had an interesting engagement... FI was going to propose in April and had it all planned out ( I even found out. I'm a good snoop! I knew something was up. ) Well, FI's brother decided to propose early, on the weekend FI was planning on proposing! ( Yea, we're still a bit bitter ;) )
    So I had to wait a bit, but when he did propose, it was perfect! He had our dog dig up the ring on the beach. After, my Dad and Stepmother were waiting back at the house with champagne. We then had dinner with my Mom and her side of the family and told everyone. The planning began right away! 

    What's your wedding date? July 31, 2010

    Why did you pick that day? June was out of the question cause FBIL is getting married then. So we decided on July, our venue only had 2 dates open and we liked this date the best. 

    Biggest check you've accomplished so far? It seems like everything is a big check! 
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