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Yay for Checks!!

We got our registries going and our tuxes picked out this weekend! Although it wasn't a lot of work, it was the two tasks that I needed FH help with and he was actually motivated to get it done this weekend. I never thought that registering would be so fun!

Re: Yay for Checks!!

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    Awesome!  Where did you register?

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    Yay! I'm really excited to get to the registering check! Where did you register? Any tips?
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    We registered at Macy's and Target. It was so much fun!! I suggested having a checklist handy of what you have vs. what you need- it's less overwhelming that way.

    Fiance thought he would hate it, and actually I think he got more into than I did! He was the one who actually found the china set that we picked and found the flatware to go with it!
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