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September 2012 Weddings

Need help deciding on colors for my sunflower themed wedding in September!

Hi! I'm not getting married until September 2012, but I'm having a really hard time deciding on colors! I'm having a sunflower theme wedding, and I always thought I would have pink in my wedding, but I don't know if that would look as great with the sunflowers. Maybe a sangria color? I've also considered a clover green with a chocolate brown. I also like navy, but I'm not sure what color would compliment it well. I don't really like the idea of yellow - it looks to much like high school colors to me!

Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated! Thanks so much! :) (I never imagined this being as time consuming as it is!)

Re: Need help deciding on colors for my sunflower themed wedding in September!

  • What about a purple like this? I'm sure you could take that color darker too if you wanted more evening look.

  • I think lots of colors would go with sunflowers.  You just need to decide do you want a brighter color or a darker color.  Navy and sunflowers are very pretty but if you want funky you can use a hot pink or fucshia color.  If you want a more fall-ish feel orange and browns work well.  You're options are literally endless.
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    Your best bet is to play around with a color wheel:

    Click Here

    You can find a more in-depth color wheel for exact names and codes, but that does the point.

    And remember, as the age old saying goes, opposites attract.

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    I am also having a sunflower themed wedding September 2012! I have always wanted purple as my color so that is what we are going with. We are doing a darker purple, like a lapis or eggplant. I think sunflowers go with many different colors.

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  • I'm using Navy blue and having sunflowers.
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