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So, choosing to get married on the last day of the Mayan calender sounded really cool till I couldn't think of a good theme. 

My wedding dress is red (this is the hardest venture ever!)
Brides maids ivory
Boys will be in black, probably red, and no jackets just vests. 
I have decided on individual cheesecakes, and a large for cutting. 

But I have no idea on a theme. 
Or a place. I want somewhere with a large indoor venue, with big windows. Somewhere near the bremerton area since that is where most of our guests are coming from. 

And some ideas were 1950's glamor, more like a cocktail party of one of those classy shows you see in the movies.
Or something involving a chic classic feel.

Any suggestions or tips are much appreciated! 

Re: Theme/Place

  • I'm not familiar with your area, so I can't comment on that, but my husband's birthday is your wedding day (congrats!) and we're throwing an end-of-the-world party for him. I cam on here scouting for ideas. If you come across anything, I hope you'll let me know. So far we know we're having a steeped temple-shaped cake that will run with raspberry blood-sacrifice down the stairs. Not wedding-appropriate, but fun for a party. :)
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